Welcome to Writing Workshop

Engaging Today’s Students with a Model That Works

Stacey Shubitz and Lynne Dorfman warmly welcome you to experience writing workshop for the first time or in a new light with Welcome to Writing Workshop! Engaging Today’s Students with a Model That Works.

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Through strategic routines, tips, advice, and resources, as well as short, focused video clips, new and veteran teachers can create the sights and sounds of a thriving writing workshop in their K–6 classrooms where:

  • Both students and teachers are working authors

  • Students spend most of their time writing—not just learning about it

  • Student choice is encouraged to help create engaged writers, not compliant ones

  • Students are part of the formative assessment process, managing their own development

  • Students will look forward to writing time—not dread it

Detailing everything from explanations of writing process and writing traits to small-group strategy lessons and minilessons about craft moves, this comprehensive book will provide the know-how to feel confident and comfortable in the teaching of writers.


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About the Author(s)

Stacey Shubitz is an author, an independent literacy consultant, and an adjunct professor. A graduate of The Literacy Specialist Program at Teachers College, she has experience teaching fourth and fifth grades. She is also the Chief of Operations and Lead Writer for Two Writing Teachers, a popular blog about the teaching of writing. Visit the blog at twowritingteachers.org and follow Stacey on Twitter: @sshubitz.


Lynne has 38 years of classroom experience and served as a literacy coach as well as a reading specialist and staff developer for her school district. She is a co-director of the PA Writing & Literature Project and an editor for PAReads: The Journal of Keystone State Literacy Association.



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