Who's Doing the Work? Lesson Sets

Coming Early 2018!

A Supplemental Curriculum for Developing Independence in K-2 Readers

These easy-to-implement lessons provide teachers with everything they need to put into action the ideas from the bestselling book, Who’s Doing the Work? Written by Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris and field-tested across the country, the lesson sets map out a systematic approach to building independence in K-2 readers.

The 30 lessons in each grade level work well in conjunction with any reading program and do not require on-site training to implement. For teachers new to balanced literacy, they provide an accessible introduction to four key instructional modes: read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading. For veteran teachers, the lessons offer a fresh perspective on such techniques as asking the right questions, using wait time, and reducing scaffolding so that more responsibility is shifted to the student. After using the lesson sets, teachers will return to their existing reading program with new insights and a deeper understanding of their students’ abilities.

Each grade level includes: a copy of Who’s Doing the Work?; a teachers guide with 30 lesson plans; six shared reading text booklets; 10-15 children's books, a set of art cards; and access to a comprehensive website featuring digital files of many of the texts and 60 minutes of videos in which Jan and Kim demonstrate the teaching strategies in diverse K-2 classrooms.

As you work through the lessons with your students, you will find yourself saying less and watching your students grow as independent readers and thinkers.

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