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After reading a Stenhouse book or ‭watching a video, many teachers would ‭love the chance to work alongside the ‭author—asking questions and getting ‭advice about how to bring the ideas ‭to life in their classrooms. Fortunately, ‭a majority of our authors are available ‭for short- and long-term consulting ‭work at districts across the country and ‭beyond. After-all, our authors are teachers and former teachers–they feel most at home in the classroom and love to work side-by-side with teachers to bring the concepts featured in their books to life.

The consulting work can take ‭several forms tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • Full-day workshops with teachers ‭or coaches
  • Coaching and mentoring sessions in ‭classrooms, including demonstration ‭lessons
  • ‭Sustained engagements over ‭multiple years focused on such ‭topics as standards and planning, ‭content knowledge development, ‭and assessment
  • Virtual visits via video conferencing
  • Custom PD solutions to fit your unique goals

In addition, Jessica Shumway has produced a new Number Sense Routines In-School Professional Development Program, delivered by a team of skilled math consultants.


Stenhouse authors currently available for professional development include:

  • Kristin Ackerman

  • Jeff Anderson

  • Trevor A. Bryan

  • Paula Bourque

  • Jan Burkins

  • Mary Cappellini

  • Shawna Coppola

  • Lynne Dorfman

  • Jennifer Fletcher

  • Katherine Mills Hernandez

  • Matthew R. Kay

  • Brian Kissel

  • Whitney La Rocca

  • Steven L. Layne

  • Lisa J. Lucas

  • Chris Luzniak

  • Jennifer McDonough

  • Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg

  • Christina Nosek

  • Mark Overmeyer

  • Martha Sevetson Rush

  • Stacey Shubitz

  • Amy Stewart

  • Mark Weakland

  • Kim Yaris

  • Kari Yates


Explore the various options in this section of the website and email to consult with our PD Specialist. If you have a specific author or authors you would like to engage, complete this form and we will respond within one business day.