K-12 Streaming FAQs

K-12 Streaming FAQs

If I have questions about the content of the Stenhouse Channel, a particular Stenhouse Collection, or an individual Stenhouse video, who should I call?

If you have questions that are not addressed by the streaming and video product information provided on the Stenhouse website, please e-mail Stenhouse Customer Service at customerservices@stenhouse.com or call us at 800.988.9812 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

How are the Stenhouse collections and individual videos priced?

You can sign up for either a 1-year or 3-year license. The prices quoted represent the cost for school access, so every teacher on campus can view the streaming content.

How do I sign my school up to stream the Stenhouse Channel, Stenhouse Collections, or individual Stenhouse videos on Kanopy?

Signing up is easy. Click the Ready to Buy button (see below), which will take you directly to the Kanopy site. Once there you will need to sign a standard terms agreement (simple as clicking to agree).

Ready to Buy

Can I stream the Stenhouse Channel, Stenhouse Collecitons, or individual Stenhouse videos to my school's Learning Management System?

Yes, once you have set up an account with Kanopy and filled out the tech form, the technical staff at Kanopy will work with your school's tech experts to stream Stenhouse content directly to your LMS.

How many people at my school can stream videos once the school has signed up for a collection or individual videos?

All of the educators at your school have access to the collection or individual video. So if you purchased a one-year license to the Literacy Collection at a cost of $1,575 per school, every teacher in your school would be able to access that collection for an entire year.

Can multiple teachers be viewing Stenhouse content from different devices at the same time?

Yes, multiple teachers can be logged into your school's account and each viewing different content at the same time. You can watch anywhere, any time, on just about any device.

How do we access the Stenhouse content on the Kanopy platform?

Once you have signed up for an account with Kanopy, they will create a customized, IP restricted website for your school. Off-campus access is directed through your own authentication server. Your teachers can watch the Stenhouse content you have purchased anywhere,at any time, on any device

What happens if a user has a poor internet connection?

Kanopy has automatic bandwidth detection which calculates the quality of the user's internet connection and will select the best file to stream. The better your connection, the better the quality of the streamed video content. Schools with fast bandwidth connection will receive the best quality encode that can be enlarged to full screen for quality viewing. Users with a low quality connection will receive the lowest quality encoded files that ensure they can view the program without interruption.

Who should I call if the school is having technical issues streaming Stenhouse content?

Please e-mail Kanopy at info@kanopystreaming.com