Read, Share, Teach Facilitation Guides

Read, Share, Teach Workshops

We call these PD resources Read, Share, Teach (RST) because we believe these actions lie at the heart of significant change in the teaching profession. The RST Facilitation Guides provide groups of educators with the structure and tools for running their own study groups focused on a group of related Stenhouse titles (including both books and videos). The guides are divided into multi-part workshops and provide step-by-step explanations for guided professional reading, collaborative activities, careful assessment of student work, and assignments for testing teaching strategies between sessions.

To use the guides with a study group, you will need to purchase one copy of the book for each participant and one copy of the video for the whole group to watch together. (Note: In addition to these RST Facilitation Guides, every Stenhouse video comes packaged with a viewer's guide that provides guidance for using the videos in a professional development setting.) Here are the RST Guides that are currently available:

TOPIC: The Writer's Craft

TOPIC: Literature Circles

TOPIC: Primary Reading Comprehension

TOPIC: Spelling

TOPIC: Adolescent Reading

TOPIC: Mentoring

TOPIC: Intermediate Reading