Writing to Explore

Discovering Adventure in the Research Paper, 3-8

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Too often research papers are simply regurgitated encyclopedia entries. After reviewing many dry research papers, David Somoza began to experiment with an adventure writing model based on books written by Peter Lourie.

In Writing to Explore, David and Peter demonstrate how to teach adventure writing, which integrates nonfiction and fiction and motivates students to write with imagination, curiosity, and a hunger to learn everything about their topic.

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About the Author(s)

David grew up in southern New Mexico with his brother Mike and his sister Lisa. David's dad is a writer and his mom is a painter, and they still live in southern New Mexico. Growing up, David spent much time hiking and camping with his family throughout New Mexico. They spent every summer going on great family adventures.

Peter's adventure books come directly from his travel journals. In order to write a book about a place—its history, geography, people and culture—he likes to experience it for himself. As a child, he loved collecting rocks and wandering the countryside of Connecticut.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: A Passion for Writing
Step 1: Building Blocks
Chapter 1: Setting Descriptions 
Chapter 2: Writing Atmosphere
Chapter 3: Character Development
Step 2: First Steps Toward the Adventure Essay
Chapter 4: Elements of Adventures
Chapter 5: Adventure Writing
Step 3: The Adventure Writing Project
Chapter 6: Research
Chapter 7: The Adventure Essay
Step 4: Technology
Chapter 8: Technology
Appendix A: Handouts and Activities for the Adventure Writing Project
Appendix B: Student Writing Samples

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Grades: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Media: 192 pp/paper
Year: 2010
Item No: 0787
ISBN: 978-157110-787-9