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Words, Words, Words

Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12

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Do you spend hours creating word lists and weekly vocabulary tests only to find that your students have "forgotten" the words by the following week? Janet Allen and her students were frustrated with the same problem. Words, Words, Words describes the research that changed the way she and many other teachers teach vocabulary. It offers educators practical, research-based solutions for helping students fall into new language, learn new words, and begin to use those words in their speaking and writing lives.

This book offers teachers detailed strategy lessons in the following areas:

  • activating and building background word knowledge;
  • making word learning meaningful and lasting;
  • building concept knowledge;
  • using word and structural analysis to create meaning;
  • using context as a text support;
  • making reading the heart of vocabulary instruction.

Words, Words, Words provides educators with a strong research base, detailed classroom-based lessons, and graphic organizers to support the strategy lessons. At a time when teachers are struggling to meet content standards in reading across the curriculum, this book offers some practical solutions for meeting those standards in ways that are meaningful and lasting.

About the Author(s)

Janet Allen is an international consultant recognized for her comprehensive work in reading education.

Table of Contents

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1. Diaphragming Sentences: A Case for Word Control
2. Larger Contexts: Meaningful, Connected, and Rich Uses of Language
3. Alternatives to, Look It Up in the Dictionary!
4. Reading as the Heart of Word-Rich Classrooms
5. How Do We Know It's Working?
Appendix A: Research and Resources for More Information on Vocabulary
Appendix B: Quotes for Word Lovers
Appendix C: Word Games in the Classroom
Appendix D: Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes
Appendix E: Forms
Professional References
Literature References

Product Details

Media: 160 pp/paper
Year: 1999
Item No: WEB-0085
ISBN: 978-157110-085-6
Grade Range: 4-12