Who's Doing the Work?

How to Say Less So Readers Can Do More

Explore how some traditional scaffolding practices may actually rob students of important learning opportunities and independence.

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Following up on Reading Wellness, Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris explore how some traditional scaffolding practices may actually rob students of important learning opportunities and independence. Who’s Doing the Work? suggests ways to make small but powerful adjustments to instruction that hold students accountable for their own learning.

Educators everywhere are concerned about students whose reading development inexplicably plateaus, as well as those who face challenging texts without applying the strategies they’ve been taught. When such problems arise, our instinct is to do more. But when we summarize text before reading or guide students when they encounter difficult words, are we leading them to depend on our support? If we want students to use strategies independently, Jan and Kim believe that we must question the ways our scaffolding is getting in the way.

Next generation reading instruction is responsive to students’ needs, and it develops readers who can integrate reading strategies without prompting from instructors. In Who’s Doing The Work?, Jan and Kim examine how instructional mainstays such as read-aloud, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading look in classrooms where students do more of the work. Classroom snapshots at the end of each chapter help translate the ideas in the book into practice.

Who’s Doing the Work? offers a vision for adjusting reading instruction to better align with the goal of creating independent, proficient, and joyful readers.

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    About the Author(s)

    Dr. Jan Burkins was an elementary classroom teacher for seven years and a literacy coach for seven years. She has worked as a part-time assistant professor, a district literacy leader, and is currently a fulltime writer and consultant.


    Kim Yaris has been working in education for over 27 years.


    Table of Contents

    Foreword by Joan Moser

    Introduction: What Painting, Housework, and Designing Sofas Can Teach Us About Developing Agentive Readers

    Chapter 1: Reading Process: Beginning with the End in Mind
    Chapter 2: Read-Aloud: Giving Students a Reason to Learn to Read
    Chapter 3: Shared Reading: Bridging the Gap Between Read-Aloud and Guided Reading
    Chapter 4: Guided Reading: Reading Practice Under the Teacher's Watchful Eye
    Chapter 5: Indepdendent Reading: Learning to Love to Read
    Chapter 6: Putting It All Together



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