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Teaching in Troubled Times

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This timely book projects empathy, care, and a realistic appraisal of how positive classroom teachers can help compensate for the negative effects of these troubled times.

Teaching in Troubled Times begins with a bracing appeal to teachers to remain positive despite what's happening outside the classroom, and provides ideas that will help them feel confident in addressing both big (world-based) and small (individual-based) troubles that affect their students. If offers valuable insights into the symptoms of our troubled times, from children's worries and parents' tendencies to overprotect to teachers who need to recharge in the midst of personal stress.

The impact of fear on modern classrooms is difficult to ignore. This practical book suggests simple ways to guide honest and responsive discussion as well as liberating activities that gently help students to disengage from debilitating fears. It addresses children's heavy exposure to violence and stereotypes, especially through the media. It shows teachers how to explore the major issues in the lives of their students and how to encourage stronger, more aware, independent, and successful learners.

This accessible, common-sense-driven resource is full of special features that teachers can use:

  • Lists of good books on pertinent topics such as bullying and bravery
  • Handy in-class motivators to revive and focus students
  • A range of at-the-desk fitness ideas
  • Games to playfully help students deal with specific issues
  • Easy-to-follow summaries of advice in a format that teachers can share with students

Twenty-four “Formula Fives” sprinkled throughout the book offer five ideas or activities to deal with specific challenges—more than one hundred easy ways to help parents and students feel more comfortable in their world.

About the Author(s)

Kathy Paterson is a teacher and drama specialist with more than 25 years of classroom experience. A popular speaker and writer, she is involved in teacher training with several universities on issues around differentiation and effective teaching practices.

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Media: 128 pp/paper
Year: 2010
Item No: WEB-8254
ISBN: 978-155138-254-8
Grade Range: K-12