Super Spellers

Seven Steps to Transforming Your Spelling Instruction

Many teachers are frustrated not only with how spelling traditionally is taught, but also with finding time to support young spellers with explicit strategy instruction. So Mark Weakland has developed Super Spellers, an approach to teaching spelling in a way that is research-based, focused, developmentally appropriate, and tied to authentic reading and writing.

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Mark does not advocate adopting a new “spelling program”; instead he shows you how to transform what you’re already doing. He’s made spelling instruction approachable and completely doable.

Super Spellers first helps teachers understand what their students need through frequent formative assessments. The book then focuses on the scope of spelling instruction and goes deeper into teaching more words and directly teaching spelling strategies to increase students’ word-solving skills. Once kids are comfortable and competent spellers they become super readers and writers, too.

In addition to step-by-step guidance, each chapter features an “If you only have 10 minutes” segment with suggestions for things you can implement immediately and a list of PD questions. The appendix contains word inventories, a sample scope and sequence, examples of spelling list transformation, and word ladder activities.

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Mark Weakland bridges the momentous gap between recent research on the importance of spelling for reading and writing, and current spelling instructional practices, many of which are ineffective. No matter what you are currently doing (or not doing) to teach spelling, Super Spellers will give you solutions for creating a classroom of better spellers—and readers and writers too!

Richard Gentry

About the Author(s)

Mark Weakland is a literacy consultant and coach, author, and musician. With more than 20 years in public education, his work with struggling learners and students with disabilities has taught him that all children can learn a great deal, and this makes him passionate about best practice literacy instruction. In 2014 Mark founded Mark Weakland Literacy. Through his business, Mark presents nationally, works regionally with school districts to strengthen their literacy programs, and regularly teaches in elementary and middle school classrooms. His model lessons focus on writing instruction, reading strategies and routines, and effective instructional techniques that engage all learners.


Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Richard Gentry
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Understand Theory and Practice
  • Chapter 2: Assess Spelling Knowledge
  • Chapter 3: Focus Scope and Sequence
  • Chapter 4: Bring More Words
  • Chapter 5: Teach Strategies
  • Chapter 6: Teach Activities
  • Chapter 7: Build Opportunities
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
  • References
  • Index

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Grades: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Media: 192 pp/paper
Year: 2017
Item No: 1102
ISBN: 978-162531-102-3
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