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Extension Lessons for Young Writers

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Click here to view the Patterns of Power lesson sampler. 



Most day-to-day grammar instruction is about finding one right answer and identifying mistakes rather than uncovering and appreciating writing’s beauty and meaning. Through a unique process of invitation, teachers can use Patterns of Power Plus: Extension Lessons for Young Writers to teach grammar authentically with flexibility through rich literature and quality conversations—without worksheets!  

Program Components

There are five main components to Patterns of Power Plus: Teacher’s Guide, Lesson Display Flip Chart, Student Notebooks, Focus Phrase Cards, and Companion Website. The sensibly organized components work together to provide all of the ready-to-go materials needed to start growing grammar knowledge in the classroom.

Teacher’s Guide
The Teacher’s Guide provides all the planning and information you need to implement daily 10-minute grammar and convention lessons.

Lesson Display Flip Chart
The Lesson Display pages act as the visual support for your lessons. This ready-to-go table tent—designed for easy presentation—displays the content needed at each phase of the Patterns of Power Plus lessons. 

Student Notebooks
The Student Notebook provides a structure for students to capture their conversation and learning as they work through the invitational process and develop their understandings of grammar and conventions. Includes 20 notebooks. (Also available as a separate purchase.)

Focus Phrase Cards
To save valuable time, these essential focus phrases are preprinted on sturdy cards for easy display once the pattern that aligns to the focus phrase is established.

Companion Website
A companion website includes links to videos that show the authors implementing the lessons in real classrooms, FAQs, and printable resources that accompany the lessons in Patterns of Power Plus.

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Jeff Anderson: Invitation to Compare and Contrast, 4th grade (from Patterns of Power Plus)

About the Author(s)

For almost thirty years, Jeff has inspired writers and teachers of grades 1-10 with the power and joy of the writing process. He has written five books for Stenhouse Publishers. He also writes middle grade novels.


Whitney La Rocca is an elementary literacy coach and has spent over 20 years working with young readers and writers. She enjoys delivering professional development and coaching teachers in best practices to empower children to create their identities in the world of literacy.



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