Choral Counting & Counting Collections

Transforming the PreK–5 Math Classroom

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 “These days we are not just asking children to calculate answers to simple arithmetic problems digit by digit. We are asking them to try out and even invent sophisticated mathematical strategies . . . even in kindergarten . . .  Children need ample and varied experiences with all kinds of numbers to support them in their mathematics sense making; they do this through counting.”

—From the Introduction to Choral Counting & Counting Collections


This influential book explores ways in which two routines—Choral Counting and Counting Collections—can transform your elementary math classroom, your students’ math understanding, and your partnerships with families. It paints a vision for how deeply and creatively children can engage with ideas of number and operations and mathematical reasoning through counting.


  • PREK–5 COUNTING ACTIVITIES:  Choral Counting & Counting Collections brings new depth and dimension to two foundational features of the elementary school curriculum consistent with national and state standards. The book is organized by grade-level bands. 
  • CHORAL COUNTING: Choral Counting involves the teacher leading students in counting aloud together followed by a lively discussion of patterns they notice in the number sequences.
  • COUNTING COLLECTIONS:  In Counting Collections, students figure out how many items are in a collection of fun objects and they come up with a way to record their strategy. 
  • NEW STRATEGIES FOR ELEMENTARY MATH: Choral Counting & Counting Collections demonstrates how to facilitate open-ended counting activities to deepen children’s number sense as part of an approach to teaching student-centered mathematics.
  • BENEFITS OF COUNTING ACTIVITIES: Counting activities can produce both social and academic benefits and can help teachers engage with families to build on students’ mathematical thinking.

The editors have collected the wisdom of mathematics teachers and researchers across the country who explore activities that are at once playful and intentional, simple and sophisticated. If you’re looking for ways to bring new energy to your math instruction, Choral Counting & Counting Collections: Transforming the PreK–5 Math Classroom is the perfect book for you and your students.

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About the Author(s)

Megan Franke, a professor of education at UCLA, supports and studies teachers as they make use of research based information about Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), the development of children’s mathematical thinking. She works with students, teachers, and schools to challenge inequities and create opportunities for each and every student to learn with understanding.

Elham Kazemi is a professor of mathematics education at the University of Washington. She works alongside teachers to create thriving mathematical classrooms centered on children’s mathematical thinking. She is deeply committed to building university-school partnerships that tackle social and academic inequities and create strong professional learning communities for teachers to learn from and with their students.

Angela Chan Turrou, a clinical faculty member in the UCLA Teacher Education Program, works to support teachers across their careers to challenge narrow ideas of what it means to do math in school and create meaningful classroom experiences grounded in children’s mathematical thinking.


Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction, Megan L. Franke, Elham Kazemi, and Angela Chan Turrou
  • CHAPTER 2: Counting Collections K–2, Allison Hintz and Stephanie Latimer
  • CHAPTER 3: Counting Collections 3–5, Julie Kern Schwerdtfeger and Darlene Fish Doto
  • CHAPTER 4: Choral Counting K–2, Lynsey Gibbons and Kassia Omohundro Wedekind
  • CHAPTER 5: Choral Counting 3–5, Teresa Lind and Kendra Lomax
  • CHAPTER 6: Preschool Connections, Nick Johnson and Natali Gaxiola
  • CHAPTER 7: Partnering with Families, Carolee Koehn Hurtado and Brandon McMillan
  • CHAPTER 8: Conclusion, Megan L. Franke, Elham Kazemi, and Angela Chan Turrou
  • Appendix 1: Collections Recording Sheets
  • Appendix 2: Choral Counting Planning Templates
  • Appendix 3: Where to Find More Examples of Choral Counting and Counting Collections
  • Index


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Grades: PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Year: 2018
Item No: 1109
ISBN: 978-1-62531-109-2
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