Wendy Saul

Wendy Saul has always been interested in how the questions we ask and the information we learn in one place connects to other ideas, problems and curiosities. Her hope in studying elementary education and teaching was to bring the excitement of liberal arts thinking—generalist thinking—to young people in public schools . Saul received her BA in English literature and composition from Knox College, her teaching credentials from the University of Chicago and her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She taught middle school on the Lower East Side of New York City; reading, writing and children’s and adolescent literature at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), and International Studies and Education, largely to PhD students, at University of Missouri –St. Louis (UMSL). Her work overseas on active learning and critical thinking began in 199 in Eastern and Central Europe, and Central Asia. She tends to work in post-war-torn nations, most recently in Liberia, with CODE, a Canadian NGO where she has been a Board member for 10 years. She has also served as President of the International Book Bank and a Board member of the Rosendale Theatre in the Hudson Valley, NY where she currently lives.
Saul describes herself as hopelessly curious—or is it nosey?—and as such, became interested in the world of science her husband and friends occupy and explore. Tying her own knowledge or literacy to her own and their interest in science, she forged relationships between the two disciplines that resulted in a number of books and National Science Foundation grants. (for instance Science Fare; Vital Connections: Children, Science and Books; Science Workshop; Beyond the Science Kit; Crossing Borders to Science and Literacy Instruction and Front-Page Science; as well as numerous articles and essays). 
Undoubtedly her greatest work-related pleasure comes from her exchanges with former students. This book is the result of years of conversations with Angela Kohnen.