Sandi Zwaan

Sandi can't remember why she became a teacher, but she thinks it was "just what I was born to do. I love the excitement of realizing a student actually 'got it' and learned a new skill that will make a difference for him in life as well as in school."

Sandi is a graduate of the North Bay Teacher's College, York University. She's been a K-8 classroom teacher, teacher-librarian, and library consultant in the Toronto School District. She currently holds staff development sessions in Victoria, Vancouver, British Columbia, and across the United States.

Her approach to professional development is "to develop strategies and processes that will endure success and help students 'do life' as well as school."

Sandi sums up her approach to writing a book in four easy steps: "Bright ideas, chaos, focus, aha!"

She lives on Chandos Lake in Ontario's Kawarthas and has two grandchildren.