Ranu Bhattacharyya

Ranu Bhattacharyya currently teaches at The American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has earlier taught at The American schools in Japan, New Delhi, Beijing, and at The Brussels English Primary School.

While growing up, choosing a career was difficult, explains Ranu, not because there was nothing she really wanted to do, but because she wanted to do so many different things. "Amongst other things, I wanted to immerse myself in stories and literature, create stories of my own, playact and perform, sing, dance, and paint. In other words, I was reluctant to leave my childhood behind. So I decided not to! Becoming a teacher of young children allowed me to pursue all of my passions in the company of like-minded peers: my students."

Ranu says she loves teaching because she has fun every day in the company of children. "I also know that I touch their lives in ways that go beyond the classroom."