Nick Page

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Nick, the author of Music as a Way of Knowing, travels the Americas and Europe to teach graduate level classes and workshops on his book.

"I am convinced that music plays a far larger role in learning than most people realize and that if properly taught (by all teachers, not just the specialists) music can heighten attention spans, multiply listening skills, increase confidence and emotional well-being, and most important of all, create an appreciation for beauty and creativity that makes education come alive."

Nick taught music at various levels between 1975 and 1990, including three years as a conductor and training units director with the Chicago Children's Choir, a chorus committed to the twin goals of diversity and musical excellence.

Nick conducts Boston's 100-voice Mystic Chorale, has over fifty published choral pieces, and is an active composer for the world's leading choral groups. He studies architecture, particularly the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, and reads too many books on the Beatles.