Maren Koepf

Maren Koepf teaches and learns alongside the students and faculty of Moreland Hills Elementary Schools in Ohio. As district literacy specialist for kindergarten through fifth grade, Maren coordinates and facilitates a comprehensive literacy vision integrating quality literacy instruction, professional discernement, and a collective and timely response to struggling readers.

Maren is a graduate of the University of Akron and Kent State University, with a master's degree in reading. "I wanted to be a teacher since the second grade," she says. "I tried on the role at least a thousand times, in youthful play, and refined my ideal with the influence of many remarkable teachers who modeled patience, high expectations, and encouragement. I wanted to make a difference in the future, one treasured life at a time, to return the favor."

Through eighteen years in education, she has enjoyed roles such as special education teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, literacy specialist, and professional developer. She says that she enjoys teaching because no two days are ever alike. "There is nothing so wise as a child's point of view on our world."

While writing her book, Maren tried to identify the knowledge and experience she has that might be of value to others. "I played around with different chapter progressions, different ways of clustering the information, until one felt right," she explains. Her advice to those who are considering writing a professional book: "Write, reflect, revise, invite readers for feedback, revise, (take a breath) revise again."

Maren has presented at state and national conferences and has led workshops and seminars in surrounding districts.

She and her husband, Paul, enjoy traveling, reading, and sailing on Lake Erie.