Marcia Talhelm Edson

Marcia Edson is a clinical assistant professor in the School of Education at Boston University. She focuses on inquiry-based science in early childhood education.

Marcia grew up in Binghamton, New York, and after graduation from college she returned there to teach fourth grade. After living in Boston during her graduate studies, she decided that New England was where she wanted to live. "I enjoy the seacoast, the history, and the museums of Boston," she says.

"One of the things I love most about teaching is the learning that goes along with it—learning about my students and learning about the subject matter I am teaching," Marcia says. "It is an amazing endeavor with so many moving parts, so many creative possibilities, and so much responsibility."

Marcia has taught preschool, elementary, undergraduate, and graduate students. "At each of these levels I've been challenged by how the brain works, how learners learn, and how I can use that information to teach," she explains.

She believes that teachers must also be life-long learners. "There are so many elements that are part of teaching, and research is continuously providing information about how children think, how to refine instruction and assessment, how to support the social and emotional needs of children, how to engage productively with parents, and how to deal with changing social issues. Teachers need to have time to participate in well-planned, comprehensive professional development opportunities that will expand their knowledge base, fuel their curiosity, and give them a chance to collaborate and share ideas and questions with colleagues."