Jock Mackenzie

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Jock became a teacher for a number of reasons: "to try to emulate the great teachers I had had, to do better than those who were not so great, and because I enjoy working with people."

He was a teacher and principal at elementary and high/middle schools for thirty-one years. He is currently a speaker and part-time IPP coordinator at Eastview Middle School. His areas of specialty are language arts, leadership, and fundamental teaching strategies.

Jock says he loves to teach because he loves the energy that a school emits and the chance to help children find their special talents. He believes that professional development "needs to provide immediately practical possibilities. The sessions that I give are interactive, involve humor, and are based on real results from tried and true experiences."

In his spare time, Jock enjoys spending time with his wife and their blended family of five children, playing golf, fishing, skiing, playing tennis, creating stained glass, reading, and writing.