Author Biographies

Kristin Ackerman

Kristin has been teaching and conferring with writers for over twelve years. As a literacy coach, teacher, presenter, consultant, and writer, she is passionate about reading and writing. Kristin has taught in Title 1 schools in both Florida and Georgia as well as an independent school in Florida.

Adria Klein

Adria Klein, Ph.D., is a CIM/CLM Trainer and Director of the Comprehensive Literacy Center at Saint Mary’s College of California. She has her Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in Reading and ESL. She is the author of numerous professional books and articles, as well as children’s books.

Adrienne Gear

Adrienne Gear is a teacher, author, and workshop presenter. Adrienne has more than 25 years of elementary classroom experience and is passionate about literacy, learning, and children’s literature.

Janet Allen

Janet Allen is an international consultant recognized for her comprehensive work in reading education.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen is a literacy specialist in grades 3-5 for the Waterville, Maine, school district, where she works as a reading coach and leads professional development programs for teachers. Jennifer has presented her work to regional and national audiences through state literacy organizations, the International Reading Association, and the National Council of Teachers of English. She is a frequent contributor to Choice Literacy and Lead Literacy. Jennifer is the author of Becoming a Literacy Leader: Supporting Learning and Change and A Sense of Belonging: Sustaining and Retaining New Teachers.

Patrick Allen

Patrick is the youngest of ten children—five boys and five girls. "My parents were wonderful role models of literacy and learning, hard work, and humility," he says. His mother was a cook and owned a restaurant, and his father, a bricklayer by trade, helped run the restaurant and served as a "night cop" in their hometown.

Jeff Anderson

For more than 30 years, Jeff Anderson has inspired writers and teachers of grades K-8 with the power and joy of writing and grammar. He has written eight books for Stenhouse Publishers. He also writes middle-grade novels.

Nancy C. Anderson

Nancy Anderson is K-8 Mathematics Coordinator and Grade 8 Mathematics Teacher at Milton Academy. Nancy is an experienced classroom teacher, curriculum specialist, and professional developer. Her other publications include Classroom Discussions in Math and Good Questions for Math Teaching, Grades 5-8. Nancy earned her doctoral degree in mathematics education from Boston University in 2012.

Andrea Hartwig

Andrea Hartwig earned her undergraduate teaching degree from St. Norbert College and her master’s degree in reading from Alverno College. She has spent ten years teaching first and second grade in southeastern Wisconsin. She currently lives in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, with her husband, Brian, who is also an educator, and their two young daughters.

Angela Kohnen

Angela M. Kohnen is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Florida. Prior to earning her doctorate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, she taught English Language Arts in the St. Louis area. She loves working with students at all levels to explore questions of genuine curiosity.

Antony Smith

Antony T. Smith is an associate professor of literacy education at the University of Washington, Bothell. He works alongside teachers to create engaging literacy-mathematics learning experiences through exploring and discussing children’s literature. He is committed to the concepts of motivation, engagement, challenge, and creativity in literacy teaching and learning. Antony tweets @smithant.

Marlene Asselin

Marlene Asselin began her career as an early childhood teacher and was head teacher at the University of British Columbia Study Centre from 1983-1987. Now an associate professor at UBC, Marlene's research interests are in literacy education, information literacy, and school librarianship.

Ruth Ayres

As a full-time writing coach for Wawasee School District in northern Indiana, Ruth spends her days helping students find meaning in their stories, and encouraging teachers to reflect and refine the art of teaching. "I love documenting ordinary stories from everyday life," Ruth says.

Dorothy Barnhouse

Dorothy Barnhouse is an independent literacy consultant and staff developer. She works closely with elementary and secondary teachers in New York City public schools—and throughout the country—to elevate student reading, writing, and thinking.

Bob Barton

Bob is a graduate of Hamilton Teacher's College and McMaster University and has experience working in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary classrooms as a teacher, language arts consultant, arts coordinator, governments education officer, and lecturer.

Jane Baskwill

Jane Baskwill is an associate professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia. A former classroom teacher and school principal, Jane is the author of many professional books and articles for teachers, as well as several children's picture books.

Ros Bayley

Following an extensive career as an early years teacher, Ros Bayley is now a consultant, trainer, and storyteller. She shares her approach to story, puppetry, music, dance, and dramatic play with practitioners in the English-speaking world and has written a wide range of resources for teachers of the early years.

Patricia Bearden

Patricia Bearden is the president of the International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry. She has brought over twenty years of teaching experience to her work as a teacher consultant for the Center for City Schools.

Katherine Beauchat

Katherine A. Beauchat, Ed.D., is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Notre Dame of Maryland University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in literacy education.

Teri Beaver

Teri Beaver is an elementary-level teacher at the University of Northern Colorado Laboratory School, one of the few K-12 schools housed on a university campus. While researching writing assessments for the Tointon Institute of Educational Change, she found none specific enough to inform instruction and began developing the Author's Profile.

Carol Bedard

For the past thirty-five years, Carol Bedard has worked in the field of education as a music therapist, a classroom teacher, a university professor, and an educational administrator. She is currently the director of literacy for the Houston Independent School District.

Allison Behne

An innovative teacher, writer, and speaker, Allison Behne empowers educators to think outside the box and critically examine their instructional practices by asking, “What is best for my students?” She is the co-author of the expanded second edition of The CAFE Book, Expanded Second Edition: Engaging All Students in Daily Literacy Assessment

Ron Benson

A dedicated educator with more than thirty years of experience, Ron Benson has taught grades K-8, and served as a school principal, a school board consultant, and Education Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Chris Berberich

Chris Berberich is a literacy tutor and special education teacher who works with teachers to develop inclusive classrooms. She has a particular interest in language and cooperative learning and teaching strategies.

Deborah Berrill

Deborah Berrill is the founding Director of the Trent University School of Education and Professional Learning.  Every BEd candidate in this innovative program tutors two struggling students in grades 2–12 to learn first-hand about supporting literacy and learners with special needs.  Deborah has coordinated volunteer tutoring programs for more

Ranu Bhattacharyya

Ranu Bhattacharyya has taught at The American International School in Japan, Dhaka, and Delhi, the International School in Beijing, and at The Brussels English Primary School.

Karen Biggs-Tucker

Karen Biggs-Tucker is a teacher in St. Charles, IL where she has taught both second and fifth grade for 34 years. She recently finished her second professional book with Maria Walther titled The Literacy Workshop: Where Reading and Writing Converge. She believes in lifelong learning through reading, writing, researching, and then sharing that learning with others—just like her own students do in literacy workshop.

Kevin Bird

Kevin Bird is an Assistant Superintendent in the Fraser Cascade School District. A former water-ski coach, he spends his leisure time playing hockey, taking care of his wife’s horses, mountain biking with his son, and driving his daughter to her gymnastics classes.

Marilyn Bizar

Marilyn Bizar teaches at the Center for City Schools of National-Louis University in Chicago. A former public school teacher, Marilyn and Harvey Daniels now collaborate with a network of twenty-five schools seeking to implement progressive teaching methods.

Katrin Blamey

Dr. Katrin Blamey currently works as an assistant professor and chair of the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Program in the Education Department at DeSales University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in education, supervises student teachers, and serves as the chapter counselor for Kappa Delta Pi.

Faye Bolton

Faye is a native of Melbourne, Australia and she currently conducts onsite, ongoing professional development in schools in New York City and Australia. She has worked as an elementary school teacher and literacy consultant in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

David Booth

David Booth was the Coordinator of Elementary Programs at OISE/University of Toronto. For more than twenty-five years he worked with teachers in creating, applying, and evaluating approaches to how children learn to read and write. As a classroom teacher, consultant, speaker, and writer, he delighted thousands with his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. He has given hundreds of speeches and workshops throughout North America, Australia, and England and has appeared on dozens of television and radio programs.

Jean Boreen

Jean Boreen is a professor of English education at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she regularly teaches secondary methods courses on young adult literature and teaching literature in secondary schools.

Paula Bourque

Paula Bourque is a National Board-Certified Teacher of literacy and a K-6 instructional coach in Augusta, Maine. She considers herself a lifelong learner and has worn many hats in her thirty-plus years in education: classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, literacy specialist, consultant, adjunct instructor, presenter, and mom. Follow her on Twitter @LitCoachLady or at

Gail Boushey

Gail Boushey is an educator, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Co-creator of the Daily 5 Framework and CAFE Literacy System and co-owner of The Daily CAFE company, she leads a passionate team to empower educators to individualize instruction, increase student independence, and provide authentic work for students.

Max Brand

Max became a teacher because he loves to learn and teaching gives him the chance to learn a ton every day.

"Each day is a new experience. No matter what you plan for, the kids take ownership and extend thinking/understanding to fantastic heights."

Rusty Bresser

Rusty Bresser first became interested in teaching while doing anthropological research on children and families in a rural farming community in French Polynesia. His interest in applied anthropology led him to the Teacher Education Program at the University of California, San Diego.

Carolyn Bridges

Carolyn Bridges is a fourth-grade teacher in Waterville, Maine, and her classroom is often an observation site for colleagues.  With Jennifer Allen, Carolyn takes notes and reflects on what her students say and do through reading workshops.  By doing this they continually improve their teaching methods and are learning better ways to run their r

Lois Bridges

Lois Bridges is a consultant, teacher, editor, and writer specializing in teachers' professional development. Her teaching has ranged from multiage elementary classrooms to preservice college level at the University of California.

Fred Steven Brill

Fred Brill began considering a career in education after coaching a middle school gymnastics team and then working as an outdoor education summer counselor of emotionally disturbed kids. "I was always able to connect with young people—especially those who had the most difficulty fitting in," Fred recalls.

Herbert W. Broda

Herb is a professor emeritus of education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Ashland University in Ohio. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses with an emphasis on middle school education, instructional methods, and outdoor/experiential education.

Faye Brownlie

Faye became a teacher because she loves kids of all ages and their enthusiasm for learning. "They keep me young and involved and push my thinking and learning about how to meet the needs of each and every one of them," she explains.

Trevor A. Bryan

Trevor Bryan has two core beliefs about the arts. The first is that the arts foster joy and connection, especially when times or topics are tough. And the second is that the arts help us to make meaning of our human experience. These beliefs, along with numerous, meaningful arts experiences as a student, established Bryan’s North Star as he entered into teaching 20 years ago: to show how the arts could positively and meaningfully impact every students’ academic career. For the first 10 years of his teaching career, Bryan struggled to transform his beliefs into meaningful educational practices and to clearly demonstrate the relationship between the arts and academics. Then, he had a breakthrough. Bryan started to explore the relationship between viewing artwork and reading comprehension skills. This is when his beliefs and practice finally began to converge.

Mary Anne Buckley

Mary Anne Buckley has over twenty-five years of experience in early childhood education. She is also the youngest of six siblings from a loving and goofy family. “We shared intellectual, creative, and social highs and lows around the dining room table every night. It was the first Friendship Workshop.”

Aimee Buckner

Aimee Buckner has been in education for more than twenty years. She thrives on the idea that teaching is about helping students develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally. The writer's notebook helps her carve out a place in the curriculum to allow students to truly be themselves and find their own voice.

Doug Buehl

Doug Buehl has been a social studies teacher, reading teacher, literacy coach, and district adolescent literacy support teacher in the Madison Metropolitan School District, Madison, Wisconsin. He is the author of the national bestseller Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning and is currently an instructor of disciplinary literacy at Edgewood College in Madison.

Brad Buhrow

Brad was born in Edgerton, Wisconsin, a small town in the southeastern part of the state. He received his BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, his teaching license from Metropolitan State University at Denver, and his MA from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Kellie Buis

Kellie is currently a consultant for early literacy with a specialty of teaching writing. She also teaches first grade in the Delta School District in British Columbia, and consults with schools in the United States and Canada.

Richard Bullock

Richard decided to become a teacher in the seventh grade when Mr. Novak was on TV. "When I went to college, I decided that being a college professor was the best job in the world.

Anne Burke

A practicing school teacher for ten years, Anne Burke is an Assistant Professor of Children's Literature and Early Learning at Memorial University. Anne explores the role of play in children's educational development, family and community literacy, children and youth, digital text making, and the role of media in children's lives.

Jan Burkins

Dr. Jan Burkins was an elementary classroom teacher for seven years and a literacy coach for seven years. She has worked as a part-time assistant professor, a district literacy leader, and is currently a fulltime writer and consultant.

Antonia Cameron

Antonia Cameron is the CEO and co-founder of reimaginED, a coaching organization devoted to improving teaching and learning in mathematics. She is currently studying how to (1) revitalize early childhood math learning; and, (2) use feedback to transform school culture. Her book, Agents of Change, How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching, was co-authored with Lucy West, and is used nationally as a tool to mentor coaches and other leaders.

Kimberly Hill Campbell

Kimberly Hill Campbell had a bit of a bumpy start as a beginning teacher. She taught language arts at Estacada Junior High School from 1979 until 1982. "Then," she says, "I became the statistic: a beginning teacher who left the profession. I was frustrated that I had no voice about the curriculum in my classroom."

Terry Anne Campbell

Dr. Terry Anne Campbell is a professor in the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University. A storyteller and elementary teacher before joining the department of teacher education at Nipissing, Terry’s work centers on the theory and practice of reading, writing, and talk.

Rose Cappelli

Rose comes from a family of musicians and teachers, both of which have greatly influenced her life. A volunteer job in high school led her to pursue work with hearing- and language-impaired children.

Mary Cappellini

Mary Cappellini is a Bilingual Educational Consultant and a published children's book author who has worked in education for over thirty years. A teacher at heart, she enjoys engaging teachers in reflections and classroom demonstration lessons in her staff development with schools across the country.

Mary Ann Cappiello

Mary Ann is a Professor of Language and Literacy in the Graduate School of Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Carolyn Helmers

Carolyn Helmers has been both a half day and full day kindergarten teacher and immersed in emergent literacy for more than 29 years at Maddux Elementary. She was trained in Reading Recovery from The Ohio State University and spent 11 years teaching kindergarten in the mornings and first graders one on one in the afternoons.

Paul Carreiro

Paul is from Springfield, Massachusetts, and received his master's degree from Dalhousie University and his bachelor's degree from York University. He currently teaches at Cavalier Drive School in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. He is a learning center teacher for students with autism, cerebral palsy, global delays, and severe behavior problems.

Maria Carty

Maria always knew that she wanted to become a teacher. "Both of my parents were teachers and it is something I worked toward my entire life. As a child I would play school with my younger brother.

Stephen Cary

Stephen Cary, a second language learner specialist, has worked as a teacher, resource teacher, and administrator.

Oliver Caviglioli

Oliver Caviglioli has been using mapping in his professional and personal life for over twenty-five years. He is headteacher of a special school, and has a family, but finds time to share his skills by leading training courses in schools, on Model Mapping, Accelerated Learning, and Thinking Skills.

Kelly Chandler-Olcott

Kelly in some ways didn't have a choice about becoming a teacher. "When my mother (a former reading teacher and current principal herself) began kindergarten in Allagash, Maine, her grandmother was the teacher, her mother the principal, and two aunts taught other grades in the school.

Beth Critchley Charlton

Beth was influenced by her father to become a teacher. She is a native of Toronto and has been a K–9 teacher, resource teacher, and Reading Recovery teacher. She is currently a literacy assessment consultant for the Nova Scotia Department of Education and a part-time lecturer at Mount St. Vincent University.

Ruth Sidney Charney

Ruth Sidney Charney has been a teacher of children and teachers for over thirty years. A co-founder of Northeast Foundation for Children, she gives teacher workshops and consults in schools throughout the country. She holds master's degrees from Teachers College of Columbia University and the Bank Street College of Education.

Nancy Chesley

Nancy Chesley was an elementary teacher for twenty-six years and a K–5 science and literacy specialist for six years. She won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Elementary Science Teaching in 2000 and the Milken Foundation National Distinguished Educator Award in 2002. She received a BA in elementary education and an MSEd in literacy education from the University of Southern Maine.

Christof Weber

Christof Weber is an associate professor in the School of Education at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. He taught mathematics for twenty-five years at a “Gymnasium” in Switzerland, a post-compulsory public high school preparing students for tertiary education.

Susan Church

Susan received her bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin, her MEd degree in secondary education from Boston University, an MA in special education from Acadia University, and her PhD from the University of South Australia.

Responsive Classroom

The Responsive Classroom approach is a widely used, research-backed approach to elementary education that increases academic achievement, decreases problem behaviors, improves social skills, and leads to more high-quality instruction.

Marie Clay

Marie M. Clay began her career as a classroom teacher and worked in the Psychological Service of the New Zealand Ministry of Education until she was appointed to the University of Auckland, where she prepared psychologists for that service for the next thirty years.

Marlynn Clayton

Marlynn K. Clayton has twenty years of experience as a classroom teacher in the primary grades. A co-founder of Northeast Foundation for Children, she has worked for the past eleven years as director of professional development for the organization.

Jean Anne Clyde

Jean Anne Clyde is an associate professor of literacy education at the University of Louisville where she teaches courses on literacy, teaching, and kidwatching. Her research interests include multiple literacies and early literacy, topics she has written about.

Elizabeth Coffman

Liz Coffman, MEd, is an active participant in the arts education community in Manitoba, Canada. For many years Liz has been a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba, specializing in the early years and the arts.

Julie Coiro

Julie Coiro has taught for 30 years, first with PreK–8 students and now, as a professor of reading and digital literacy at the University of Rhode Island. Julie conducts research in online inquiry and works with educators to support their understanding of digital inquiry as part of comprehension strategy instruction.

Ardith Davis Cole

For over thirty years, Ardith Davis Cole has served the profession in a variety of capacities, from classroom teacher to literacy specialist. She has worked with students from grades K-12, but also with their teachers as she became an adjunct professor for reading/language arts courses at SUNY Buffalo and Buffalo State College.

Mike Coles

Mike Coles is head of Religious Education in a London high school. He has written two other imaginative introductions to the Bible, The Bible in Cockney and More Bible in Cockney (both available from Novalis in Canada).

Richard Coles

Richard Coles is a former teacher at several middle schools in Toronto. He is an adjunct professor at OISE at the University of Toronto teaching courses in literacy and reading. Richard is also an educational researcher and consultant.

Anne M. Collins

Anne Collins has thirty years of teaching experience, having taught all grade levels K-12, as well as undergraduate- and graduate-level courses. She has been providing mathematics content professional development institutes and courses for teachers for the past fourteen years.

Kathy Collins

"I've always imagined being a teacher, from the time I was a small child and received a little desk for Christmas," says Kathy Collins. "I used to fantasize about wearing a masking tape roll on my wrist, using a pointer, writing on a chalkboard, and collecting book order money."

Carolyn Coman

Carolyn Coman has been writing books for children and teaching writing for more than twenty years. Her books include What Jamie Saw, Many Stones, The Big House, and her latest, The Memory Bank, a graphic storybook created with artist Rob Shepperson.

Mark Condon

Mark W. F. Condon has been a teacher educator for more than 30 years. He is Professor Emeritus of literacy education at the University of Louisville. He's one of the creators of RealeWriter, picture-book creation software for early fluent learners.

Chris Confer

Chris has a passion for both mathematics and teaching children.

Lori Conrad

Lori has twenty-four years of elementary classroom and staff development experience behind her. She is currently the senior director of professional development for the Public Education and Business Coalition in Denver.

Sarah Cooper

In 1989, Sarah Cooper placed seventeenth in the Scripps National Spelling Bee after winning the San Diego County Spelling Bee.

Matt Copeland

Matt Copeland is an Associate for Instructional Innovation and Support with MetaMetrics, Inc., an educational research firm based in Durham, North Carolina, and creator of the Lexile® Framework for Reading.

Shawna Coppola

Shawna Coppola has taught in public schools for almost two decades. She currently works as a national literacy consultant and speaker and is a volunteer teacher of 11-17 year-olds at a self-directed learning community in Dover, NH. When she is not teaching, she can be found dabbling with watercolors, writing comics, or exploring the beauty of her natural surroundings alongside her family.

Ann Marie Corgill

If it weren't for those scary numbers, Ann Marie Corgill wouldn't be a teacher today. "I wanted to be an architect," she says. "But I was afraid of the math classes." Now, in her fifteenth year of teaching, she can't imagine being in another profession.

Debbie Coughlin

Debbie Coughlin is teaching third grade at Gardendale Elementary Magnet School in Merritt Island, Florida. She received her doctorate degree from the University of Arizona with a major in language, reading, and culture and a minor in teaching and teacher education.

Mary Cowhey

Mary Cowhey has been teaching first and second grade at Jackson Street School in Northampton, Massachusetts, for nine years.

Kathleen Marie Crawford

Kathleen Marie Crawford is a first-grade teacher in the Tucson Unified School District.  Learning Together Through Inquiry was developed by Kathleen and her coauthors from their collaboration on a chapter for If This Is Social Studies, Why Isn't It Boring? (Stenhouse 1995).

Linda Crawford

Linda Crawford has been an educator for over forty years, working at the preschool through graduate school levels. She is the director of Origins, a 25 year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to community building, especially through the arts.

Marie Crawford

Marie Crawford is an assistant principal at Central Middle School in the San Carlos School District. She has been a mentor-teacher for urban teachers, a classroom teacher in urban schools, and a museum educator.

Melody M. Croft

Melody Croft earned a Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood Education from Valdosta State University. While teaching fourth graders in a small South Georgia town, she spent evenings and summers at this same university to obtain a Masters degree and a Specialist degree in Reading Education.

Caryl Crowell

Caryl G. Crowell (M.Ed. University of Arizona) and her coauthor, Kathryn F. Whitmore (Ph.D. University of Arizona) have many characteristics in common. They are both working mothers and whole language teacher-researchers who work to challenge the status quo in educational institutions.

Ruth Culham

Ruth Culham, EdD, has written more than forty professional resources illuminating both writing and the reading-writing connection. Her recent book, The Writing Thief, has helped teachers find “right now” children’s books and everyday texts to use as mentor texts. Dream Wakers expands and complements this work by delving into books that focus on Latino culture and life as mentor texts for writing. Her newest, Teach Writing Well, enhances teachers' understanding of writing education by delving into a two-part approach: read the writing and teach the writer.

Bernice Cullinan

Bernice "Bee" Cullinan grew up in Ohio and began her teaching career there. For fifteen years, she taught primary-grade students how to read. She was intrigued by the process of children learning to read and write and continued to study it the rest of her life.

Andie Cunningham

Andie is currently teaching at Lewis & Clark College's Graduate School of Education in Portland, Oregon. She teaches graduate students who are working to become teachers and current teachers who are working to become reading specialists.

Katie Egan Cunningham

Katie Egan Cunningham is the author of Start with Joy: Designing Literacy Instruction for Student Happiness and Story: Still the Heart of Literacy Learning. She has twenty years of experience as an educator in many different roles including classroom teacher, literacy specialist, literacy consultant, and teacher educator. Katie is an Associate Professor at Manhattanville College in Literacy and English Education.

Joan Dabrowski

Joan Dabrowski is the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Prior to this, she worked across the country as an education consultant and curriculum writer. In this role she supported teachers, principals, and district leaders to develop and refine their literacy and leadership practices. In 2015, she coauthored a report with The Education Trust entitled, "Checking In: Do Classroom Assignments Reflect Today’s Higher Standards?" that summarized an analysis of over 1,800 middle school literacy assignments in English language arts, history, and science. She has taught grades K-2 and 4-5, has been a district literacy coach, and was the Director of Literacy for the Boston Public Schools. She earned a master’s degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Doctorate of Education in K-12 School Leadership at Vanderbilt University, Peabody College.

Linda Dacey

Linda Dacey, professor of mathematics and education at Lesley University, began her career teaching at the elementary level and, early in her career, received an NSF grant to develop a model program for preparing middle school teachers.

Harvey Daniels

Harvey "Smokey" Daniels received all of his degrees—BA, MA and PhD—from Northwestern University, which finally urged him to leave campus and get a real job.

Christopher Danielson

Christopher Danielson has worked with math learners of all ages, from teens in his former middle school classroom to his own children, from calculus students to elementary teachers to families who visit his Math On-A-Stick learning space at the Minnesota State Fair.

Mehjabeen Datoo

A teacher of English and social studies, Mehjabeen has acted as a school-level Literacy Leader and been involved in consultative and collaborative projects across disciplines and schools.

David Costello

Dr. David Costello is an author and professional learning facilitator who focuses on mathematics instruction and learning. He has held many roles in education, such as numeracy interventionist, numeracy coach, numeracy leader, curriculum consultant, and school administrator for Prince Edward Island, Canada.

David Costello

Dr. David Costello is an author and professional learning facilitator who focuses on mathematics instruction and learning. David has supported teachers in many roles including as a numeracy interventionist, numeracy coach, numeracy leader, and curriculum consultant.

Erika Thulin Dawes

Erika is a Professor of Language and Literacy in the Graduate School of Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Deanna Day

Deanna Day weaves her passions—art, children’s literature, and technology—into the literacy courses she teaches at Washington State University. She has served on the Notable Books for Global Society and the Notable Children’s Books for Language Arts award committees.

Deborah Dean

Deborah Dean taught junior high and high school in Washington before beginning her work with preservice teachers at Brigham Young University. She always enjoyed teaching writing and helping her students discover themselves as writers.

Deanna McLennan

Deanna Pecaski McLennan, Ph.D., is a full-day kindergarten teacher based in Ontario, Canada. She has devoted her research and practice to exploring the potential for rich mathematics learning through playful inquiry and exploration. Deanna looks at life through a mathematical lens, and recognizes opportunities for authentic, complex engagement in all experiences children have.

Deanna McLennan

Deanna Pecaski McLennan, Ph.D., is a full-day kindergarten teacher based in Ontario, Canada. She has devoted her research and practice to exploring the potential for rich mathematics learning through playful inquiry and exploration.

Debbie Nyman

Debbie Nyman is an arts educator, presenter, and author. An instructor at OISE–University of Toronto, Debbie works with teachers to develop creative strategies that enrich student learning.

Esther Delgado-Larocco

Esther L. Delgado-Larocco is on the faculty of the Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies in Education at California State University at Chico.

Diane Vetter

Diane Vetter is a Course Director for the Faculty of Education at York University. The author of journal articles and a popular keynote speaker, Diane’s research interests include mentoring, teacher education, and cross-curricular infusion of Indigenous perspectives, traditions, and cultures. Diane has taught in the elementary grades and served as a teacher mentor. Diane lives in Barrie, Ontario.

Debbie Diller

Debbie Diller, a national educational consultant and popular conference speaker, lives in Houston, Texas. Debbie uses her experience of over 40 years as a classroom teacher, Title I reading specialist, and literacy coach to teach others about sensible, realistic ways to meet the literacy needs of all students in the classroom.

Resi Ditzel

Over the past 20 years, Resi J. Ditzel has been teaching and learning with students in Hawaii. Her experience has ranged from kindergarten through grade 5 and special education, with each classroom being a blend of cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.

Elizabeth Dobler

Elizabeth Dobler has been an educator for thirty-three years, in the roles of an elementary classroom teacher, library media specialist, resource center director, and university professor.

Ray Doiron

Ray Doiron is a professor at the University of Prince Edward Island where he helps prepare new early literacy teachers for the classroom.

Lisa Donohue

Lisa is a native of Grenada in the Caribbean and immigrated to Canada at age eight. She received her bachelor of education degree from Nipissing University and a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Trent University. She also completed several courses at Drake University and York University.

Lynne Dorfman

Lynne Dorfman is a co-director for the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project where she serves on the blog team.

Linda Dorn

Linda Dorn, who passed away in September, 2019, was a professor of reading education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where she directed the UALR Center for Literacy. She taught graduate classes in literacy theory, research, classroom practice, and literacy leadership, and had twenty-seven years of experience in education, including teaching at the elementary, intermediate, and college levels.

Laura Doucette

Laura Doucette is an adolescent literacy consultant with Kawartha Pine Ridge School Board, where she provides professional development on literacy strategies for teachers in grades 4–12. A former high school English teacher and English department head, Laura is also an instructor for preservice teachers at Trent University's School of Education.

Diane Esolen Dougherty

Diane Esolen Dougherty lives with her husband in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of West Chester University and received a master's degree from Villanova University. While working on her degree at Villanova, she was a research scholar working with professors of English.

Cheryl Dozier

Cheryl L. Dozier is an assistant professor in the Department of Reading at the University at Albany. She is a former kindergarten, second-, and third-grade teacher in urban schools.

Cheryll Duquette

Cheryll Duquette is an associate professor at the University of Ottawa, specializing in inclusive education. For over ten years, she has taught a variety of subjects to students with many different exceptionalities at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Christine Duthie

Christine Duthie has spent most of her twenty-year professional career in the primary classroom. She is currently a first-grade teacher at Trumansburg Elementary School (NY).

Brenda Stein Dzaldov

Brenda Stein Dzaldov is an educational consultant who has worked for more than twenty-five years as a classroom teacher, literacy teacher, special education teacher, and educational consultant. She is the author of numerous children's books and has published many articles on student literacy learning.

Krista Ediger

Krista Ediger has taught English, French Immersion, FSL, and Social Studies, and has worked on planning in multiple disciplines.

Monica Edinger

Monica has been fourth-grade chair, grade leader, and classroom teacher at The Dalton School in New York since 1983. She received her master's degrees from Teachers College at Columbia University in international education and instructional technology and computers and education.

Kathryn Pilcher Edmonds

Kathryn became a teacher because, as a child, she moved around a lot with her family and her teachers at new schools always helped with the transition. "My teachers were usually the first smiling faces I met. Not only do I love helping and teaching children, I enjoy being one of the positive people in their lives."

Marcia Talhelm Edson

Marcia Edson is a clinical assistant professor in the School of Education at Boston University. She focuses on inquiry-based science in early childhood education.

Lisa Eickholdt

Lisa Eickholdt has worked as a teacher, interventionist, coach, and professor for twenty-eight years. Today, she is a middle school literacy coach, consultant, and writer. She’s the author of Learning from Classmates: Using Students’ Writing as Mentor Texts (Heinemann, 2015), and the co-author of The Night Before Christmas at the Zoo (Chronicle Books, 2023) with Lola Schaefer.

Anne Elliott

With a Master of Education from the University of Western Ontario and more than 15 years of teaching experience in grades from Kindergarten to Grade 8, Anne Elliott has a proven dedication to literacy. She has shared this dedication professionally as a literacy learning coordinator, literacy coach, and librarian.

Sharon Fargason

Sharon Fargason is a classroom teacher at Fay Elementary School in San Diego, California. She is interested in fostering and growing the natural curiosities that children develop as they learn about and interact with the world. She also teaches literacy and math methods courses to graduate students at Brandman University.

Kathleen Fay

Kathleen Fay has served as a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, Title I resource teacher, and Literacy Collaborative Coach since beginning her teaching career in 1990.

Jean R. Feldman

Jean Feldman has been actively involved in education for over 30 years as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, consultant, and author. Dr. Feldman has a B.A. from the University of Georgia, a D.A.S.T. from Emory University, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Georgia State University.

Catherine Feniak

Teaching is a new adventure each day, says Catherine Feniak, who became a teacher as a natural progression from volunteering with children and working as a teacher's assistant. "I've never left school!" she says.

Margaret Ferguson

Margaret J. Ferguson is a first-grade teacher in the Tucson Unified School District.  Learning Together Through Inquiry was developed by Margaret and her coauthors from their collaboration on a chapter for If This Is Social Studies, Why Isn't It Boring? (Stenhouse 1995).

Judith Ferrara

Judith M. Ferrara is a writer and visual artist. From 1964 to 1997, she was a classroom teacher, college professor, and author of educational articles and materials, as well as poetry.

Karen Filewych

Karen Filewych has more than twenty years of educational experience as a teacher of all elementary grades and most recently as a school administrator. Her passion for literacy began as a young child with nightly bedtime stories and weekly trips to the library.

Stephanie Fins

Stephanie Fins is an anthropologist and is the Dalton lecturer and the coordinator of the Museum Schools at the American Museum of Natural History. She has worked with children from kindergarten to high school, taught inservice courses, and developed curriculum. She teaches workshops at the museum and at Bank Street College of Education.

Mary Fiore

Mary Fiore is responsible for implementing effective mathematics teaching practices at all grade levels.

Sheree Fitch

Sheree Fitch is a writer, speaker, educator and author of books in many genres and for all ages. From board books for babies to award-winning picture books to young adult fiction and fiction for adults, Sheree has been writing and publishing for almost twenty-five years.

Krista Flemington

Krista Flemington has almost twenty years of education experience. A teacher with the Toronto District School Board, Krista runs dynamic, child-centered programs from kindergarden to third grade.  A former school literacy coordinator, she has written curriculum and teacher support documents and supports colleagues through workshops and seminars.

Graham Fletcher

Graham Fletcher has served in education as a classroom teacher, math instructional lead, and currently as a math specialist. Graham’s work with the math progressions and problem-based lessons has led him to present throughout North America and beyond.

Jennifer Fletcher

Jennifer Fletcher is a Professor of English at California State University, Monterey Bay and a former high school English teacher. She teaches courses for first-year college students and future teachers and leads workshops on rhetorical literacy skills throughout the country. Her books include Teaching Arguments, Teaching Literature Rhetorically, and Writing Rhetorically.

Ralph Fletcher

Ralph Fletcher is a friend of writing teachers everywhere. Born in Plymouth, Massachusetts, he received his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and his master's degree from Columbia University.

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn is the director of Mathematics Leadership programs at Mount Holyoke College and runs the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program. Prior to this work he taught second grade at the William E. Norris Elementary School in Southampton, Massachusetts, for fourteen years. He is the 2008 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year, a recipient of a 2009 National Education Association Award for Teaching Excellence, and a 2010 recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching.

Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn has worked at a variety of jobs, including ship's captain, electrician, and case-worker with homeless adults. As poet-in-residence for six years at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University, he taught writing to young people and their teachers in New York City Public Schools.

Char Forsten

Char Forsten has earned a national reputation as a renowned speaker, author, and educator. A former teaching principal with eighteen years of proven experience, her seminars receive outstanding reviews for being practical, down to earth, and filled with easy-to-use ideas.

Graham Foster

Graham is a writer and workshop presenter in schools, at conventions, and in professional development consortia. He has thirty-two years of teaching experience, including thirteen years as language arts supervisor for Calgary Catholic Schools.

Megan L. Franke

Megan Franke, a professor of education at UCLA, supports and studies teachers as they make use of research based information about Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), the development of children’s mathematical thinking. She works with students, teachers, and schools to challenge inequities and create opportunities for each and every student to learn with understanding.

Cathy Fraser

Cathy Fraser has been the librarian at Prospect Mountain High School in Alton, New Hampshire for since 2004. She holds certifications in Reading and Writing Specialist and Secondary English Teacher, and is a passionate advocate for literacy for all. Follow Cathy on Twitter at @cfraser150.

Cathy French

Cathy French and her coauthor Tammy Jones are experienced classroom teachers who, as Early Childhood Curriculum Specialists with the Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative in Plumerville, Arkansas, worked closely with Arkansas schools in implementing professional literacy teams and training classroom and specialty teachers in early literacy p

Paul Friedemann

Paul D. Friedemann and Jeffrey Wilhelm taught together for many years as the language arts and social studies specialists on an integrated middle school teaching team.

Charles Fuhrken

Growing up in a small town in Texas, Charles knew early on that he wanted a career in education. When his parents bought him a monstrous chalkboard one year, he officially opened a school in his bedroom. His regular students were the three Linebarger girls who lived next door.

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly, a "baseballoholic" and a self-described expert at negotiating airports, is in his thirty-third year of teaching at the high school level.

He currently teaches at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, California.

Donna-Lynn Galloway

Donna-Lynn Galloway has been a dynamic and passionate educator for more than thirty years. As the Early Years Consultant for Halton Catholic District School Board, Donna-Lynn was responsible for implementing the full-day kindergarten program.

Kathy Ganske

Kathy became a teacher because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. "I later discovered an added plus," she says. "Teachers were great people to work with, be around, and get to know."

Anne Upczak Garcia

Anne Upczak Garcia is a writer and bilingual teacher in Colorado. She spends part of her time hiking and skiing in the Rockies with her Colorado family and part of her time visiting and traveling through the Andes of Merida with her Venezuelan family.

Karen Gartland

Karen Gartland is a mathematics coordinator and classroom teacher at Groton-Dunstable Middle School. She enjoys working with students of all ages with a focus on conceptual understanding of mathematics through critical thinking and application as well as best practices for integrating technology.

Adrienne Gear

Adrienne received her degrees from the University of British Columbia and spent three years teaching English in Japan. She was a classroom teacher for sixteen years and a teacher-librarian for three years. She is currently a literacy mentor at Vancouver School Board and a workshop presenter.

J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D

J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D is an internationally acclaimed author, researcher, and educational consultant known for his ground-breaking work in education on topics such as early literacy; best-practices for reading, writing, and spelling; and dyslexia.

Gayle Gentry

Gayle works as a curricular support teacher (K–5) mornings at Scottish Corners School in Dublin, Ohio, and in the afternoons she is the literacy teacher for a primary multiage class (grades 1–2). 

Mary Ellen Giacobbe

Mary Ellen, right, with Martha

Mary Ellen and her coauthor, Martha Horn, are codirectors and designers of Writing in Kindergarten, a professional development project in Boston Public Schools.

Marni Gillard

Marni didn't plan to become a teacher, but maybe there was no way she could resist it. Her mom was a first-grade teacher and her dad was a physical education teacher and coach. In the early 1900s, her paternal grandmother had her own one-room school. "I guess I have teaching in my genes. . . Once I student-taught, it seemed like the way to go.

Tim Gillespie

Tim Gillespie is a veteran of thirty-eight years of public school teaching. A winner of a National High School English Teacher of Excellence Award from NCTE, he wrote regularly about his classroom experiences during his years in the classroom.

Sally Godinho

Sally Godinho, PhD, is a senior lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at Melbourne University.

Gravity Goldberg

Gravity Goldberg is an international educational consultant and author of five books on teaching. She holds a B.A. and M.Ed. from Boston College and a doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She serves as a coach for Seth Godin’s altMBA and is the founding director of Gravity Goldberg, LLC, a team that provides side-by-side coaching for teachers.

Kyle Gonzalez

Kyle Gonzalez teaches at Lakeview (Florida) Middle School, where she began her career working with struggling readers. She studied with Janet Allen at the University of Central Florida, where she earned her MEd in English Education. In 1996 she was cited as the Lakeview Middle School Teacher of the Year.

Anne Goudvis

Anne Goudvis has been a classroom teacher, staff developer, and adjunct professor of reading and social studies. For the past ten years, she has worked at the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition as a staff developer and co-director of the Library Power project, a national initiative to improve teaching and learning in libraries and classrooms.

Jim Grant

Jim Grant was an internationally renowned educator, author, and keynote speaker, and is regarded by fellow educators as one of America's most passionate advocates for children.

Tim Grant

Tim Grant is a former high school teacher and along with Gail Littlejohn is the editor of Green Teacher magazine.  Published in Toronto since 1991, Green Teacher is an award-winning non-profit quarterly offerring practical ideas for K-12 educators and parents who seek to foster environmental literacy and global awareness in you

Judy Green

Judy Green is an author, editor, and workshop leader. For fifteen years, she was the editor of a national annual guide to the best Canadian children's books. Judy also worked as Coordinator of Canadian Children's Book Week, an editor at Scholastic Canada, and an elementary school teacher.

Amy H. Greene

Amy Greene has been an educator for almost twenty years. She has been a classroom teacher, Title I reading teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, staff developer, course instructor, and literacy consultant.

Sylvia Gunnery

Sylvia Gunnery is a recipient of a Prime Minister's Teaching Award for her innovative work with junior and senior high English language arts students. Sylvia is the author of many novels for teens as well as books for younger children. Much of the inspiration for her own writing and for her student workshops grew from her experience at The Banif

Kyla Hadden

Kyla Hadden has taught in North Okanagan-Shuswap in beautiful British Columbia for more than fifteen years. She began her career at the elementary level and moved on to the secondary level a dozen years ago.

Mary Lee Hahn

Mary Lee has been teaching fourth or fifth graders for over thirty years. She is also a poet, with poems in six anthologies.

Elizabeth Hale

Elizabeth Hale worked in the Boston Public Schools for nine years as a third- and fourth-grade teacher and as a literacy coach in K-8 schools. She currently consults with schools and districts on writing and reading instruction and is also pursuing her doctorate degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper loves her role as a classroom teacher. She has spent her teaching career in Ontario's public system, abroad, and in private schools, covering every grade at the primary and junior levels. She is currently surrounded by boys, teaching at Upper Canada College.

Ian Harris

Ian Harris is Professor of Buddhist Studies in the Division of Religion and Philosophy.

Linda Hart-Hewins

Children's books are an important part of the professional life of Linda Hart-Hewins. She has worked with young children in the Toronto school system for the past thirty years as a language arts consultant, teacher, and principal.

Stephanie Harvey

Stephanie Harvey is a regular presenter and keynote speaker at conferences. She speaks on reading comprehension; active literacy; nonfiction reading; writing and research; inquiry-based learning; reading and writing workshop; and the role of passion, wonder, and engagement in teaching and learning. 

Georgia Heard

Georgia Heard is a nationally and internationally known leader in the field of teaching writing. She was one of the first staff developers at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in New York, and for the past twenty-five years has visited schools and spoken at conferences throughout the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

Emily Hearn

Emily Hearn writes picture books, poetry and music, radio and TV scripts. She is a speaker on children's creativity and a mentor for the Toronto District School Board and for elementary school children who send work to WIER (Writers in Electronic Residence).

Paul Heller

Paul retired from teaching in 2004, and he is now an accomplished and active playwright, director, and dramaturge.

From 1984 until 2004 he taught at a public high school in a small town in the Bay Area near San Francisco, Benicia High School. He taught English, drama, speech, and filmmaking.

Eunice Hendrix-Martin

Eunice Hendrix-Martin is a teacher at Carrillo Elementary School in Carlsbad, California. She has been teaching for thirty-one years.

Katherine Mills Hernandez

Katherine Mills Hernandez grew up in Brooklyn and Haines Falls (in the Catskills), New York, and currently lives in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. From earliest memories, writing was a need, more than a passion, and journaling quickly became as routine as the midday meal.

Linda Hewins

Linda Hewins has more than forty years of experience as a teacher, curriculum leader, and administrator. Linda's books, workshops, and seminars for teachers and parents stress the importance of balanced literacy programs that include good literature, direct teacher instruction, and student choice.

Joanne Hindley

Joanne Hindley, one of the founding members of the Manhattan New School, spends her long school days teaching children and teaching teachers.

Allison Hintz

Allison Hintz is an associate professor of mathematics education at the University of Washington, Bothell. She studies teaching and learning alongside educators to create experiences where children are heard, understood, and inspired as mathematical sense makers. Allison is co-author, with Elham Kazemi, of Intentional Talk. Allison tweets @allisonhintz124.

Betty Hollas

Betty Hollas knows what works in today's classrooms because she's been there. A former Teacher of the Year, she has more than twenty-five years of experience as a teacher and principal.

Heather Hollis

Heather Hollis is an educator who believes every classroom should be a place where laughter and joy are commonplace. A teacher with more than twenty years' experience, Heather earned her bachelor's degree at the University of New Brunswick and a master’s degree in Literacy from Mount Saint Vincent University.

Caren Holtzman

Caren Holtzman began her teaching career with Oceanside Unified School District. She was a classroom teacher (grades 2-6) for ten years. She subsequently began her work as a faculty member at the University of California San Diego's Education Studies Program (EDS).

Wendy Hood

Wendy J. Hood is a bilingual primary teacher from Tucson, Arizona. She has been very active in her local whole language support group and worked on curriculum development within her district where she strives to establish a democratic learning community with her young students.

Kathleen O’Connell Hopping

Kathleen O’Connell Hopping, a Lesley University graduate, received her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston University. While at Lesley she met Linda Dacey, the professor most responsible for Kathy’s evolving love and understanding of mathematics.

Martha Horn

Martha, left, with Mary Ellen

Martha Horn and her coauthor, Mary Ellen Giacobbe, are codirectors and designers of Writing in Kindergarten, a professional development project in Boston Public Schools.

Renée Houser

Renée Houser is a literacy consultant and co-author of the What Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow series of teacher resource books. She holds master’s degrees from both Old Dominion University and Fordham University and is currently studying the Reggio Emila approach to early childhood through the University of California Los Angeles.

Janette Hughes

Janette Hughes is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at University of Ontario Institute of Technology's (UOIT) Faculty of Education. Her research in the field of digital literacies has been featured in numerous education journals and recognized nationally and internationally.

Margaret Hughes

Margaret Hughes (Ph.D. University of Toronto) is on the faculty of education at York University, Toronto. Her research and writing has been in process, instruction, and authentic assessment in reading and writing with a special interest in children who have difficulty in becoming literate.

Cathy Humphreys

Cathy Humphreys is currently a doctoral student at Stanford University, where she studies mathematics teaching and learning.

Jennifer Jacobson

Jennifer Jacobson, a former primary school teacher, is the author of fourteen children's books, including the award-winning Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle, and is also a frequent presenter at library, reading, and writing conferences.

Amanda Jansen

Amanda (Mandy) Jansen is a Professor in the School of Education at the University of Delaware where she teaches future elementary and middle school mathematics teachers. Prior to becoming a professor, she taught junior high (grades 7-9) mathematics in Mesa, Arizona. She earned her Ph.D. in educational psychology from Michigan State University.

JoEllen McCarthy

JoEllen McCarthy is a lifelong learner and staff developer who spends her days facilitating collaborative coaching conversations that support a curriculum of children and emphasize literacy as a vehicle to care. As the Educator Collaborative’s Book Ambassador, JoEllen spreads her enthusiasm for the role literature plays in all aspects of education.

John Schu

John Schu has made a career out of advocating for the people and things he cares about most: kids, books, and the people that connect them. John is a children’s book author, part-time lecturer at Rutgers University, and the children’s librarian for Bookelicious. His greatest joy is sharing his love of reading with countless educators and students around the world.

Mary Johnson

Mary K. Johnson, a veteran secondary and university educator, has taught English and ESL courses in the United States, Hong Kong, and Papua New Guinea. She now lives, writes, and teaches on Guam.

Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson has spent most of her thirty years in education as a reading specialist in elementary schools with diverse populations in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is an influential teacher, writer and artist, whose work has had a profound impact on the teaching of writing in primary schools. His many works on the book arts and his well-known workshops have led to book-making becoming an accepted part of school practice.

Peter H. Johnston

Peter Johnston's research explores relationships among classroom talk, engagement, and children’s social, emotional and literate development. Elected to the Reading Hall of Fame, he has received numerous awards for his research and writing.

Tammy Jones

Tammy's been a Title I reading specialist, Reading Recovery teacher, and teacher-leader for fifteen years. She earned her degrees from the University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She is currently the vice president of curriculum and instruction for Benchmark Education Company.

Sara Kajder

Dr. Sara Kajder is a faculty member in Language and Literacy Education at The University of Georgia and a consultant to K-12 school systems across the country.

Robert Kaplinsky

Robert Kaplinsky has worked in education since 2003 as a classroom teacher, teacher specialist for Downey Unified School District, instructor for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and presenter at conferences around the world. He’s also the co-founder of the website

Kara Dymond

Kara Dymond, Ph.D, has a brother with autism. She is an autism consultant, researcher, and educator teaching children with autism. She designs and delivers professional development on autism for teachers, based on their feedback about their classroom concerns.

Kathy Champeau

Previously a Title I reading teacher, reading specialist, adjunct instructor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and president of the Wisconsin State Reading Association, Kathy now serves as a consultant learning alongside students, teachers, and literacy researchers. She is a strong advocate for teachers as thinking professionals and values how the research and practitioner worlds need to be inextricably connected in intellectually stimulating ways.

Katy Smith

Katy Smith is a Professor of Secondary Education and a Department Chair at Northeastern Illinois University, where she and Steve Zemelman direct the Illinois Writing Project. She has dedicated her career to developing and enacting equitable classroom practices, first as a teacher of high school students and now as a teacher educator.

Gloria Kauffman

Born in Zambia, Africa, Gloria received her bachelor's degree in generation education and master's degree and PhD in language, reading and culture. She currently works with the International Baccalaureate Program overseas. She is living on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Matthew R. Kay

Matthew R. Kay is a proud product of Philadelphia’s public schools and a founding teacher at Science Leadership Academy (SLA). He is a graduate of West Chester University and holds a Masters in Educational Leadership with a Principals’ Certificate from California University of Pennsylvania.

Elham Kazemi

Elham Kazemi is a professor of mathematics education at the University of Washington. She works alongside teachers to create thriving mathematical classrooms centered on children’s mathematical thinking. She is deeply committed to building university-school partnerships that tackle social and academic inequities and create strong professional learning communities for teachers to learn from and with their students.

Katie Keier

Katie Keier has been a classroom teacher and literacy specialist in grades K-8 for twenty-four years. She is currently a kindergarten teacher in an urban Title I school. A National Board Certified Teacher in the area of literacy, Katie has a Reading Specialist certificate and a master’s degree in Literacy Studies.

Susan Kempton

Susan Kempton has spent the past thirty years teaching in the Denver Public Schools, most recently at Harrington Elementary School. For the past nineteen years, Susan has served as a lab classroom teacher and staff developer for the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition.

Juli Kendall

A lifelong teacher, including a professional partnership with coauthor Outey Khuon for fifteen years, Juli Kendall taught kindergarten through eighth grade and was a Literacy Specialist.

Outey Khuon

Outey Khuon began teaching in Cambodia in 1969. Since 1992, she has taught elementary students in Long Beach, California, where she is currently a Literacy Specialist. She has presented at many state and national conferences and workshops and is a lecturer in the Linguistics Department at California State University, Long Beach.

Judith King

Judith spent thirty years teaching in classrooms working with students with special needs and as a consultant in a school district. She is currently working in the Okanagan Skaha district, helping teachers with social responsibility and school completion.

Brian Kissel

Brian Kissel, an educator for over twenty years, is a professor of Literacy and Elementary Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A former elementary school teacher and literacy coach, Brian teaches courses, conducts research, and provides professional development in writing instruction, digital literacy, and literacy development and instruction. Dr. Kissel lives in Davidson, North Carolina.

Lisa Koch

Lisa Koch has been teaching in Ohio since 1990.  She has worked with parents, teachers, and literacy coaches, helping them to choose meaningful and entertaining books for their classroom libraries. Lisa has also worked with new moms, teaching the importance of early literacy.

Carol Koechlin

Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan are award-winning authors and educators who have dedicated their careers to helping students become better readers, writers and researchers. They are popular conference presenters and staff development instructors.

Maren Koepf

Maren Koepf teaches and learns alongside the students and faculty of Moreland Hills Elementary Schools in Ohio.

Geoff Krall

Geoff Krall is a math coach for the New Tech Network, supporting teachers and administrators. He taught high school math in Texas, the last few years of which were under the New Tech model, which emphasizes inquiry, collaboration, communication, and real-world connections.

Roxann Kriete

Roxann Kriete currently directs the publishing efforts of Northeast Foundation for Children where she has worked for the past fifteen years. She has taught in classrooms from grades five through high school.

Paul Kropp

Paul had a different career in mind before he became a teacher. "I started out to become a poet, but found the demand for metaphysical poets in the twentieth century to be very limited. Teaching was as close as I could come."

Stephen Kucer

Stephen B. Kucer is an Associate Professor at Fordham University-Lincoln Center.

Whitney La Rocca

Whitney La Rocca, with more than 20 years in education, has been a teacher, a literacy coach, and a consultant, working with children and teachers across grade levels, schools, and districts.

Linda Laidlaw

Linda Laidlaw is a Professor in Language and Literacy Education at the University of Alberta.

Julie Laird

Julie Laird is a first-grade teacher in the Tucson Unified School District. Learning Together Through Inquiry was developed by Julie and her coauthors from their collaboration on a chapter for If This Is Social Studies, Why Isn't It Boring? (Stenhouse 1995).

Jo-Anne Lake

Jo-Anne grew up in London, Ontario, and attended London Teachers College. She received her bachelor's degree from York University and her master's degree from Niagara University. She also holds an International Special Education Diploma.

Lana Parker

Lana Parker is an Assistant Professor at the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Education. A specialist in language and literacy, Lana has taught at the elementary level and has spent several years as a Mentor Leader. Lana writes about the influence of politics on educational policy and discourse, and about the possibilities for ethically informed pedagogy. Lana lives in Toronto.

Clare Landrigan

Clare Landrigan (left) has been working with her coauthor Tammy Mulligan (right) for the past twenty-three years. They began their work together coteaching an integrated first- and second-grade classroom at the Eliot Pearson Children's School in Medford, Massachusetts.

Greg Lang

Greg Lang is a consultant in professional development and curriculum with the Catholic Education Office in Brisbane, Australia, and the author of many articles on teacher development and learning. His interests include cooperative learning, thinking skills, and learning styles.

Larry Swartz

Larry Swartz is an instructor at OISE–University of Toronto. A popular international presenter and author, Larry’s work centers on using children’s books to deepen social justice, diversity, and equity understanding.

Kristi Latimer

Kristi Latimer is in her eighth year of teaching at Tigard High School in Oregon, where she teaches international baccalaureate senior English and freshman English. She is also an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark College.

Heather Lattimer

Like many others, Heather became a teacher in hopes of changing the world. "Okay, I never really expected to change the whole world, but wanted to work to increase equity and social justice in my little corner of it. Still working toward that goal. It remains frustratingly elusive, but is nevertheless a worthy objective."

Laurie McCarthy

Laurie received her undergraduate early childhood degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and master’s degree in critical literacy from Carroll University. For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a multiage first- and second or second- and third-grade teacher in the Muskego-Norway School District. In 2018, Laurie was recognized in her district, receiving the Compass Award for her positive impact on students, staff, parents, and community; her commitment to continuous improvement; her leadership and service; as well as for being a champion for innovation, creativity, and best practices. 

Steven Layne

Dr. Steven L. Layne is a respected literacy professor, teacher and consultant, highly motivational keynote speaker, and popular author. With more than 15 years of education experience, he has served as a classroom teacher and reading specialist for grades 2‑8. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Literacy Association.

Pete Leki

Pete Leki is coordinator of the Parent Project at the Center for City Schools, National-Louis University, in Chicago.

Teri Lesesne

There was never any doubt in Teri Lesesne's mind that she would one day become a teacher. "It is the only thing I ever considered becoming," she says. She loves to see kids' faces light up as they learn. "Kids of all ages are so responsive, so engaged in what they are doing, and it is wonderful to see the wheels turning."

Bruce Lesh

Bruce Lesh was a high school teacher and social studies department chair for twenty-two years in Baltimore County Public Schools, where he taught American history, world history, and Advanced Placement United States Politics and Government.

Gail Littlejohn

Gail Littlejohn is a former high school teacher and along with Tim Grant is the editor of Green Teacher magazine.  Published in Toronto since 1991, Green Teacher is an award-winning non-profit quarterly offerring practical ideas for K-12 educators and parents who seek to foster environmental literacy and global awareness in you

Peter Lourie

Peter's adventure books come directly from his travel journals. In order to write a book about a place—its history, geography, people and culture—he likes to experience it for himself. As a child, he loved collecting rocks and wandering the countryside of Connecticut.

Bill Lucas

Since September 2008, Bill has been Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester. He is also Chairman of The UK’s Talent Foundation and Chairman of TLO Ltd.

Lisa J. Lucas

Lisa’s strategies, based on empirical research, are designed to help teachers reduce stress by fostering presence through self-care and an inner awareness. Students learn from teachers who project enthusiasm, optimism and clearly enjoy what they do. They are present for their students. You can’t fake presence, but you can learn to cultivate it—which is what Lisa has focused herself on, personally and professionally, for more than two decades.

Kathleen Gould Lundy

Kathleen Gould Lundy has been involved in teaching and the arts for more than thirty years. A popular speaker and education leader, Kathy has worked on the development of curriculum documents and instructional videos on many aspects of literacy and learning.

Katherine Luongo-Orlando

For the past eight years, Katherine has worked as a program consultant and author of curriculum and assessment materials for school boards and publishers.

Chris Luzniak

High school math teacher and debate coach Chris Luzniak longed to see his math students as empowered and engaged as the students on his debate team, so he began incorporating debate structures and techniques into his math classes. Excited by the growth he saw in mathematical thinking and participation, Chris continued experimenting. Over the years, he developed and refined math debate routines that really work, which he uses daily in his current middle and high school classroom. Chris has been teaching math for the past 15 years, beginning in New York City public schools, and now currently at The Archer School in Los Angeles.

Jayne Bamford Lynch

Jayne Bamford Lynch is a district math instructional coach in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she spends most of her days in elementary classrooms supporting coaches, teachers, and students.

Mary Lynch

For more than 30 years, Mary Lynch has been a classroom teacher of students in grades from JK to 6, and has served as a reading support teacher, and literacy teacher and coach.

Anna Lyon

Anna Lyon has taught first grade, served as a Reading Recovery teacher and as a Reading Specialist for grades K-5. It was her work with young soldiers who struggled to read and write that fueled an interest in the teaching of literacy skills in authentic context. Dr.

Jock Mackenzie

Jock became a teacher for a number of reasons: "to try to emulate the great teachers I had had, to do better than those who were not so great, and because I enjoy working with people."

Dan Madigan

Dan Madigan was born in Royal Oak, Michigan, in 1949. His doctorate is from the University of Michigan. Dan founded and, until recently, was director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology at Bowling Green State University.

Magdalin Livingston

Magdalin Livingston is an artist, poet, emerging illustrator, and teacher with the Toronto District School Board.

Joey Mandel

Joey Mandel is a teacher, as well as a parent coach and consultant at Go Social Kids, an educational consulting and therapy clinic. Based on her extensive experience with parents, teachers, and children, Joey’s work focuses on concrete ways to support children, build social-emotional skills, and introduce specific self-calming strategies.

Joanna Marasco

Joanna Marasco is a researcher and teacher educator. For the past ten years, she has continuously engaged in research on literacy and social justice.

Toni L. Marasco

A dedicated educator for forty years, Toni L. Marasco has been a classroom teacher, special education teacher, language arts consultant, supervisor, and school principal. Toni has written and edited many articles, books, and publications on a wide range of education issues.

Marlene Correia

Dr. Marlene Correia is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at Bridgewater State University. Marlene has 30 years of education experience as a K–8 classroom teacher, district administrator, and teacher educator. She is a Past-president and current Executive Board member of the Massachusetts Reading Association.

Marsha Costello

Marsha Costello has been an educator for over twenty years. She has worked in many roles, including alternate education, resource, special education, and Autism. Managing challenging behaviors was a significant aspect of all these roles and continues to be a focus in Marsha’s current role as principal of a small elementary school.

Jodi Marshall

Jodi Crum Marshall is a National Board Certified Teacher (Early Adolescence/English Language Arts) who began her teaching career twelve years ago, piloting a literacy-project classroom in Orange County, Florida.

Missy Matthews

Missy Matthews received her bachelor's degree in education from the University of Utah and her master's degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Colorado at Denver. She's been a multiage teacher, first-grade teacher, reading specialist, and kindergarten teacher, all at the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado.

Amanda S. Mayeaux

Amanda Mayeaux is a teacher to the core. "When I interact with students and see their excitement about learning, I can't imagine doing anything else," she says.

Deborah McCallum

Deborah McCallum is a creative and caring educator with more than fifteen years of experience as a teacher and teacher-librarian. Passionate about innovation, inquiry, and the importance of libraries, she is an AQ instructor, conference presenter, and writer.

Jennifer McDonough

Jen McDonough is the K–4 Literacy Specialist at the Pine School in Hobe Sound, Florida. Prior to taking on a role outside of her own classroom, she was a first-grade teacher and literacy coach at the Benjamin School in North Palm Beach, Florida. She has taught students for 23 years and has been a part of literacy training for teachers for more than six years.

Mary McMackin

Mary C. McMackin is an associate professor and program director for the Graduate Elementary Education programs at Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she also teaches literacy courses. She began her career as an elementary school teacher and continues to work closely with teachers and children.

Michelle E. McMartin

Michelle E. McMartin is a classroom teacher with the Nipissing Parry Sound Catholic District School Board who has taught at the primary, junior, and intermediate levels. Part of the CODE 21st Century Learning Initiative, Michelle presents workshops on integrating technology to promote student engagement in both mathematics and literacy.

Shirley McPhillips

We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond. 
—Gwendolyn Brooks

Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg

Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg is an experienced educational consultant who collaborates with both teachers and young writers. As a middle school teacher for nearly two decades, she has helped hundreds of students achieve their dream of becoming published authors. She enjoys speaking at conferences and providing workshops for teachers, writing groups, and classrooms.

Melinda Clark

Melinda Clark, coauthor of Patterns of Power for Adolescent Writers, is currently the Academic Program Coordinator at John Jay High School in San Antonio, Texas. She has 31 years' experience in education, including teaching middle school and high school English Language Arts, instructional coaching, independent consulting, and presenting at the district, regional, and state levels.

Glennon Doyle Melton

The daughter of lifelong educators, Glennon learned the value of a life dedicated to children from her parents. After graduating from James Madison University, Glennon spent six years learning the art of teaching from the gifted staff and students at Annandale Terrace Elementary in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Cathy Mere

Cathy Mere is currently teaching first grade in Hilliard City Schools, Hilliard, Ohio. She has taught kindergarten through sixth grade, most recently teaching and learning alongside students and colleagues at J.W. Reason Elementary as a literacy specialist and kindergarten teacher.

Merry Komar

Merry Komar was born and raised in Hawaii where she began her teaching career and received her master’s degree. As a teacher there, she had extensive literacy training as a participant in the Kamehameha Elementary Education Program (KEEP) for at-risk students, which included strategies for effective language instruction with a focus on writing as well as classroom management and organization. She was selected to be part of the KEEP Demonstration Classroom Project, and received commendation for the success of her students, her innovation, and her reflective practices. Merry currently teaches third grade in Wisconsin.

Kate Messner

Kate Messner is the author of Stenhouse professional titles Real Revision (2010) and 59 Reasons to Write (2015) as well as more than two dozen award-winning children's books.

Megan Milani

Megan Milani has been passionate about student success since she began her teaching career more than a dozen years ago.  A Reading Specialist and a former Reading Recovery teacher, Megan is currently an elementary school principal.  Her work with students, teachers, and schools is based on proven methods for improving student achievement.  Commi

Carole Miller

Carole Miller, Professor Emeritus, began her career as a classroom teacher prior to joining the University of Victoria's Faculty of Education. Co-author of the award-winning text, Into the Story: Language in Action through Drama and Into the Story 2: More Stories!

Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller taught and learned from children in the Denver Public Schools for thirty years. She now presents workshops across the country and internationally, and works extensively with schools and districts on long-range planning and development of literacy programs.

Lisa C. Miller

Lisa Miller is an associate professor of journalism at the University of New Hampshire and has worked on digital stories with elementary school teachers and students.

Lisa received her bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of New Hampshire and has been a full-time instructor there since 1989.

Cathy Miyata

Cathy Miyata is dedicated to empowering teachers to use the arts to enrich and transform the classroom experience. Formerly an actress, then teacher and teacher-librarian, Cathy has been running her own consulting/performing business, called Creative Expressions, since 1987.

Steve Moline

Steve Moline is a writer, illustrator, and book designer who writes for children under the name of David Drew. He is an honors graduate in English Literature from the University of Sydney, Australia, and was for ten years the education publisher at Methuen Australia.

Joanne Monroe

Joanne spent her career in education: in addition to classroom experience in both primary and high school classrooms, she worked as a language arts and social studies supervisor and an instructional specialist for the New Jersey Department of Education.

Leslie Montgomery

Leslie Montgomery is an intermediate-grades teacher at Gavin H. Cochran Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore is a teacher, actor, writer, director, and poet who has worked with students, teachers and audiences throughout North America and England. His plays, poems, articles and stories have been published extensively and he has appeared frequently on stage, screen, and radio.

Paula Moore

Paula Moore has been a primary grade teacher, literacy specialist, middle school teacher, and administrator in public schools for twenty years.

Bruce Morgan

Bruce Morgan has been a classroom teacher in Douglas County (Colorado) Schools for twenty-five years, in various grade levels and roles: grades 3-6 teacher, gifted cluster classroom, literacy immersion classroom for six years, and district reading specialist for two years.

Norah Morgan

Norah Morgan was an adjunct professor at Brock University. She passed away November 11, 2004.

Chrisie Moritz

Chrisie Moritz is a National Board certified literacy coach in Fairfax County, Virginia, where she teaches, facilitates professional development sessions, and coaches other educators. She presents at conferences and consults with school districts across the country on various topics related to literacy instruction.

Lesley Mandel Morrow

Lesley Mandel Morrow is a Professor of Literacy at Rutgers University's Graduate School of Education, where she is Chair of the Department of Learning and Teaching. She began her career as a classroom teacher, then became a reading specialist and later received her PhD from Fordham University in New York City.

Joan Moser

Joan Moser’s passion for meeting each child’s individual needs by discovering where they are and guiding them forward has been practiced and refined in a variety of classroom settings. She has taught kindergarten through sixth grade, special education, and is a certified Reading Resource Specialist.

Christine Moynihan

Christine Moynihan has been a classroom teacher in K-6 classrooms, a mathematics curriculum specialist, and an elementary school principal in Newton, Massachusetts. She is currently a consultant who works with schools and districts to assist them in improving their quality of education.

Tammy Mulligan

After finding a career on Wall Street unfulfilling, Tammy Mulligan (pictured, right) volunteered as a reading tutor for elementary students. "After just a few sessions I knew I had found my passion," she says. "I began taking graduate courses at Teachers College at night while I worked at the bank during the day.

Shelley Murphy

Shelley Murphy has been a mindfulness practitioner and educator for more than 20 years. She is a lecturer at OISE–UT, where she teaches graduate courses in Mindfulness in Education, Literacy, Special Education, and Mental Health.

Diana Neebe

Dr. Diana Neebe is the Director of Teacher Development at Sacred Heart Preparatory, an independent high school in the Silicon Valley, and has been a classroom English teacher in both public and independent schools for fourteen years.

Donna Niday

After twenty years of teaching in public schools, Donna Niday now serves as an associate professor of English at Iowa State University, where she directs the first-year writing program, supervises student teachers, and teaches young adult literature and methods courses.

Christina Nosek

Christina Nosek is a classroom teacher, author, speaker, and passionate literacy education advocate. For the past 20 years, Christina has experienced the classroom from many sides including special education inclusion aide, lower and upper grade elementary teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach, and staff developer.

Kathryn O'Brien

Kathryn O’Brien loves being in a classroom that hums with energy. Her teaching career has been spent in Ontario’s public system, abroad, and in private schools, spanning every grade at the junior level. She currently works with very inspiring artists in her role as Primary Art teacher at Upper Canada College.

Susan O'Hara

Susan O'Hara is executive director of the Center for Cooperative Research and Extension Services for Schools (CRESS) at the University of California, Davis.

Joanne O'Mara

Joanne O’Mara is an Associate Professor in Language and Literature Education at Deakin University, Australia.

Susan Ohanian

Susan's specialty is kids who hate school. She runs a website offering resistance to high-stakes testing and No Child Left Behind and she also runs an anti-DIBELS clearinghouse.

Jill Ostrow

Jill Ostrow taught elementary school for nearly twenty years. She now teaches at the college level and collaborates with teachers in their classrooms.

Gene P. Ouellette, Ph.D

Dr. Gene Ouellette (Ph.D) is an internationally recognized researcher in the areas of reading, spelling, and topics exploring the links between oral and written language processes.

Mark Overmeyer

Mark is a native of Colorado, and received his education at the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado College, and University of Colorado at Denver. He has over thirty years of teaching experience, most of it in Cherry Creek Schools in Denver, Colorado.

Brenda Overturf

Brenda J. Overturf began her career as a classroom teacher, working for eighteen years at the elementary and middle school levels, before she coordinated K-12 reading for Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky.

Nick Page

Nick, the author of Music as a Way of Knowing, travels the Americas and Europe to teach graduate level classes and workshops on his book.

Erik Palmer

Erik Palmer is an educational consultant based in Denver, Colorado. He didn't start out as an educational consultant, however. Erik left law school and entered the commodity brokerage business. He managed a retail brokerage firm, ultimately incorporated a trading company, and took it public.

Sue Palmer

A former primary teacher and principal, Sue Palmer has written more than two hundred books on all aspects of literacy. She writes regularly in newspapers and magazines, provides inservice courses in schools and universities, and is a consultant with UK publishers, educators, and the BBC.

Joanne Panas

In addition to collaborative work in developing English language arts currciulum for British Columbia, Joanne Panas has taught English in grades 8-12 and consulted with numerous school districts.

Tess Pardini

Tess Pardini, a National Board Certified Teacher, has over twenty years of experience working with English language learners.

Diane Parker

Diane Parker has been an elementary school teacher in Connecticut and Hawai'i and is presently a faculty member of the University of Hawai'i College of Education, working with preservice teachers and their mentors during their classroom field experiences.

Emelie Parker

Teaching came naturally to Emelie. "After having three daughters and foster children, having a child care center in my home, and being a Brownie leader, teaching Sunday School, and volunteering in classrooms, I found I was naturally teaching all the time and loved it! I went back to school to finish my degree and to learn how to teach.

Ruth Parker

Ruth Parker is a former classroom teacher and has spent over twenty years leading professional development for math teachers in grades K-12. She is currently the CEO of the Mathematics Education Collaborative, preparing the next generation of mathematics teacher leaders for Washington state.

Brenda Parkes

As a staff developer and the author of many shared reading books, including Who's in the Shed?, The Enormous Watermelon, and The Royal Dinner, Brenda Parkes is uniquely placed to write this book.

Michelann Parr

Michelann Parr began her teaching career in elementary classrooms. She has extensive training in early literacy intervention and is passionate about working with students who struggle to read and write.

Les Parsons

Les Parsons taught a variety of subjects, including English and language arts, for more than thirty years. As an English consultant, workshop leader, and university lecturer, he has worked with classroom teachers at all grade levels.

Kathy Paterson

Kathy Paterson is a teacher and drama specialist with more than twenty-five years of classroom experience. A popular speaker and writer, she is involved in teacher training with several universities on issues around differentiation and effective teaching practices.

Karen Pelekis

Karen Pelekis has been an elementary school educator for more than 20 years and is currently a first-grade teacher at Greenacres School in Scarsdale, NY. For the past ten years, she has created a digital inquiry curriculum to teach her young students.

Daniel Pennac

Daniel Pennac was born in Casablanca in 1944. His childhood was spent in Africa, Asia, and Europe. He trained as a teacher and at present works at a Lycee in Paris. A prolific writer, his books include novels and children's stories.

James A. Percoco

James A. Percoco is a nationally recognized history educator with over thirty-three years of classroom experience teaching grades 6-12. He served as a member of the National Parks Service Centennial Committee and was inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 2011. He continues to teach middle and high school history in Northern Virginia.

Shelley Stagg Peterson

A former classroom teacher in Alberta, Shelley Stagg Peterson is an associate professor who teaches and conducts research on writing and children's literature at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Jo Phenix

A native of Sheffield, England, Jo received her education at Goldsmith College, University of London, McMaster University, and the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She has twenty five-years of experience teaching all grade levels both in England and in Canada.

JoAnn Portalupi

JoAnn Portalupi likes to introduce herself as a mother, teacher, writer, and artist. Each of these roles informs the work she does in the field of teaching writing.

Joe Potts

Joe Potts (PhD University of Iowa) teaches in the English department at California State University at Long Beach.

Brenda Power

Brenda Power was born in Wayne, Michigan, the daughter of a teacher and an engineer. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees from Michigan State University, and her doctorate from the University of New Hampshire, where she worked with Donald Graves, Donald Murray, and Thomas Newkirk.

Robert Pritchard

Robert Pritchard is a professor of education at Sacramento State University. A frequent consultant for schools, districts, and departments of education, Robert brings extensive experience as a former ESL teacher and reading specialist to his work with teachers and administrators.

Marco Ramirez

Marco Ramirez is an award-winning educator who has successfully transformed schools using mathematics as leverage for change.

Julie D. Ramsay

When Julie Ramsay was in fifth grade, she was a struggling reader who did not receive the help she needed in the classroom.

Janine Reid

"Like other idealists of my generation, I became a teacher to make the world a better place," says Janine. "I love making a difference for kids. I love helping them recognize their strength and potential as learners. I love it when a class becomes a community of learners and inquirers.

Johanna Riddle

Johanna Riddle writes and teaches on the topic of integrated learning and multiple literacies, combining twenty five-years of experience as a classroom teacher, art teacher, arts administrator, and media specialist.

Jen Roberts

Jen Roberts is a National Board Certified teacher of English, and the English Department Chair at Point Loma High School in San Diego, California where she wrangles 9th graders into reading more, and supports her colleagues with technology integration.

Pamela Roberts

Writer and artist Pamela Roberts lives in western Massachusetts. When her daughter was involved in a CSL project at school, Roberts became so intrigued that she decided to write a book about CSL.

Robin Bright

A former elementary school teacher, Robin Bright is a professor of Education at the University of Lethbridge. Robin’s passion for how children develop as readers and writers drew her to a life of researching language and literacy in school and home settings.

Lori Jamison Rog

Lori Jamison Rog is a teacher, author, and literacy consultant. She is one of the few Canadians to have served on the Board of Directors of the International Literacy Association.

Joanne Rossi

Joanne Rossi teaches courses and supervises student teachers for the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, California. In her work at the Foster City Reading Institute, she conducts seminars and consults for schools and districts in the state.

Kate Roth

Kate Roth has been a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, researcher, and literacy coach in the United States and China. Much of her work has focused on the interactive writing method and supporting teachers in their effort to implement it. Kate has also published twenty books for children on how to write as part of the Language Arts Explorer Junior series. She earned a master’s degree in Curriculum and Teaching at Columbia University, Teachers College and her Doctorate of Education in Language and Literacy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Regie Routman

Regie Routman is a longtime teacher, leader, and author who is committed to improving the literacy and learning lives of students, especially those in high-challenge schools. She currently works on-site in diverse schools and districts coaching and mentoring principals, leaders at all levels, and teachers.

Jennifer Rowsell

Jennifer currently teachers undergraduate and graduate courses in literacy education and conducts research studies in the area of new literacies, multimodality, family literacy, and multiliteracies.

She received her PhD in literacy education from King's College, London, University of London, and was an ESL teacher for two years.

Laurie Rubin

For twenty-three years Laurie Rubin taught first and second grades in Ithaca, New York, where nature study became the heart of her curriculum. She currently consults and presents on a variety of education topics including literacy and critical-thinking skills.

Martha Sevetson Rush

Martha Sevetson Rush has taught social studies and journalism for 20 years at Mounds View High School in Minnesota. In addition to teaching, she promotes high-engagement teaching strategies through published curriculum and hands-on teacher workshops. She is married to Jeff Rush, and they have two sons, Ben and Sam.

Rebeka Eston Salemi

Rebeka Eston Salemi is a kindergarten teacher at the Lincoln School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. From the beginning of her career to the present she has firmly committed to being a classroom teacher who puts her students and their growing understandings and confidence at the heart of what she does.

Katherine Davis Samway

Katharine Davies Samway teaches language arts and ESOL courses at San Jose State University. Her research takes her into K-8 classrooms where she works with teachers studying literacy development and cultural diversity.

Sarah Helmer

Sarah Helmer earned her teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has taught kindergarten and first- and second-grade multiage classes in southeastern Wisconsin. Her passion for emergent literacy and what is possible for our youngest learners has truly been nurtured by her collaborative partnership with her co-authors, whom she is proud to call her mentors, colleagues, and friends. She currently lives in New Berlin, Wisconsin, with her husband, Mitch, and two young children.

Kirk Savage

A former elementary and middle school principal, Kirk Savage is currently a Director of Instruction with the Chilliwack School District. Kirk is a four-time world champion in Ultimate Frisbee, a sport that he also played professionally with the Vancouver Nighthawks. He resides in Chilliwack with his wife and two children.

Evelyn Sawicki

As a curriculum supervisor for the Calgary Catholic School Distritct, Evelyn Sawicki has collaborated with Graham Foster, Hyacinth Schaeffer and Victor Zelinski on many projects.  Creating sound research-based instruction that is practical and accessible to classroom teachers has been a common theme in their work.  Sawicki has extensive experien

Juliana Saxton

Juliana Saxton has extensive experience working with students from elementary schools to university.

Marilyn Scala

Marilyn Scala is a literacy and inclusion consultant with thirty years of experience in general, special education, and inclusion classrooms.

Hyacinth Schaeffer

As a curriculum supervisor for the Calgary Catholic School District, Hyacinth Schaeffer has collaborated on many projects with fellow supervisors Graham Foster, Evelyn Sawicki, and Victor Zelinski.  Creating sound research-based instruction that is practical and accessible to classroom teachers has been a common theme in their work.  Schaeffer h

Beth Schipper

Beth Schipper teaches language arts courses and works with teachers in the credential program at California State University at Fullerton. She also teaches for the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Literacy Network and consults for schools and school districts in California.

Edgar Schmidt

Edgar Schmidt has worked as a classroom teacher for grades two through high school and as a school principal for regular and alternative stream programs. He is the author of teaching materials with topics ranging from science and spelling to choice and accountability in education.

Leyton Schnellert

Leyton is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia–Okanagan.  His teaching and research are in the areas of inclusive education, literacy and language arts, professional development, and teaching and learning in the middle years.

Virginia Schroder

Virginia C. Schroder,  a science and language arts teacher at Munsey Park School, has 21 years of experience in preschool through sixth-grade classrooms.

Jean Schroeder

Jean Schroeder taught and coached in elementary schools in Tucson Unified School District for over forty years. She has served on and chaired the Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts committee. Jean is a founding board member and staff mentor/coach of the inquiry-based IDEA School in Tucson, Arizona.

Betty Schultze

Betty can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a teacher. "I wanted to have a big red pen and mark papers when I was in third grade, and when I was a young adult I knew that working with children would make me happy—and it has!

Joan Brodsky Schur

Joan was an indifferent and rather shy student until she reached the seventh grade, when the excitement of learning and participating in classroom debate took hold of her and never let go.

Dennis Searle

Dennis Searle (Ph.D. University of London) began his career teaching high school English in Manitoba, Canada, and most recently was on the faculty of education at York University. His research and writing has been in the role of talk in the classroom and in teaching writing.

Ruth Shagoury

Ruth Shagoury (formerly Ruth Shagoury Hubbard) can't imagine anything more fascinating than exploring the minds of children and adolescents as they grow as readers, writers, and language users.

Shelley Harwayne

Shelley Harwayne has been associated with the New York public schools for more than 50 years, serving as a teacher, staff developer, principal, superintendent and currently as a volunteer. Throughout the years, she has consulted with school districts nationwide, published several professional texts as well as books for emergent readers and was honored with the NCTE Language Arts Educator of the Year award.

Alex Shirran

Alex is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has taught for fifteen years in the Delta School District in British Columbia. He has taught both high school and elementary school classes, essay-writing courses for postsecondary students, and ESL classes in Japan and Canada.

Mary C. Shorey

Mary Shorey taught first through fourth graders at Pritchett School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, for over twenty-five years. A learner herself, Mary earned National Board Certification and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. Teaching was a lifelong passion, and Mary considered her classroom her "laboratory of opportunity."

Kathy Short

Kathy G. Short is Professor of Language, Reading and Culture at the University of Arizona and has worked extensively with teachers to develop curricula that actively involve students as authors and inquirers. Much of her work has centered on inquiry-based curriculum and children's dialogue about literature.

Stacey Shubitz

Stacey Shubitz is an author, an independent literacy consultant, and an adjunct professor. A graduate of The Literacy Specialist Program at Teachers College, she has experience teaching fourth and fifth grades. She is also the Chief of Operations and Lead Writer for Two Writing Teachers, a popular blog about the teaching of writing. Visit the blog at and follow Stacey on Twitter: @sshubitz.

Jessica Shumway

Jessica Shumway has worked as a second-, third-, and fourth-grade classroom teacher and as a mathematics coach for teachers of Pre-K through fifth grade in Texas and Virginia. She is currently an assistant professor of mathematics education at Utah State University.

Franki Sibberson

Franki currently teaches third-graders in Dublin, Ohio. She has worked in elementary schools for over twenty-five years as a classroom teacher, a Reading Support Teacher, a curriculum support teacher, and a school librarian. She blogs regularly at A Year of Reading ( and she is also a regular contributor to Choice Literacy.

Barbara Siegel

Barbara S. Siegel has taught in the Arlington, Massachusetts Public Schools for over 30 years. She integrates technology into all areas of her curriculum and continues to build on her technical background to help her students write more effectively.

Cecilia Silva

Cecilia graduated with a bachelor's degree from Ohio State University, her master's degree from California State University and received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in education.

Penny Silvers

Penny Silvers is a professor of teacher education and literacy at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. A former elementary teacher and reading specialist, she has written numerous articles and book chapters about language arts and reading.

Yolanda Simmons

The authors of History Comes Home are all associated with the Center for City Schools, National-Louis University, in Chicago, where they conduct programs for reforming urban education.

Steven Zemelman serves as Center Director, and Pete Leki is coordinator of the Center's Parent Project.

Marian Small

Marian Small is the former Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. She has been a professor of mathematics education and worked in the field for close to 40 years. Dr. Small is a regular speaker on K–12 mathematics throughout Canada and around the world. Her focus is on teacher questioning to get at the important math, to include and extend all students by appropriately differentiating instruction, and to focus on critical thinking and creativity. 

Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith is a leading trainer in modern learning methods and his techniques are used with startling success by thousands of teachers and parents in the UK and abroad. He is the chairperson of Alite; a company he founded to work in the field of motivation, learning and training.

Margot Holmes Smith

Margot Holmes Smith is a reading and math intervention teacher for fourth and fifth grades at Atkinson Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to becoming an intervention teacher, she taught third and fourth grades at Atkinson.

Diane Snowball

Diane hails from Australia and travels a lot between her home and New York. In her long career, she's been a teacher of mathematics and science, teacher-librarian, K–6 classroom teacher, assistant principal, and literacy consultant, among many other positions.

Carla Soffos

Carla is a literacy specialist with the Arkansas Department of Education. She has twenty-one years of experience in education, including teaching in the primary grades and literacy coaching.

David Somoza

David grew up in southern New Mexico with his brother Mike and his sister Lisa. David's dad is a writer and his mom is a painter, and they still live in southern New Mexico. Growing up, David spent much time hiking and camping with his family throughout New Mexico. They spent every summer going on great family adventures.

Marsha Spears

Marsha Spears has spent over ten years as a highly sought after teacher trainer and popular presenter across the country. Her 30 plus year career as a classroom teacher and administrator includes classroom experience at the primary, intermediate and upper grade levels.

Lee Ann Spillane

A National Board Certified Teacher, Lee Ann Spillane teaches English at Cypress Creek High School in Florida. "I love the everyday epiphanies of the classroom," Lee Ann says about her teaching life.

Tony Stead

Tony Stead became a teacher because he wanted to make a difference in children's lives. And he is certainly doing that through his publications, teaching, and work with teachers all over the world.

Stephanie Steffey

Stephanie Steffey taught in the primary grades for a number of years and is also a university instructor in teacher education. She works towards being a whole language teacher in both settings and is particularly interested in the teaching of social studies.

Steven R. Benson

Steven R. Benson is a mathematician and mathematics educator at Lesley University; he has created curriculum and facilitated professional development for pre- and inservice teachers for nearly thirty years. He was the lead author of Ways to Think About Mathematics: Activities and Investigations for Grade 6–12 Teachers (Corwin 2004).

Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart is a literacy coach who works and learns alongside K-3 teachers and students in a suburb of Chicago. An avid reader and writer herself, Amy spends her days working to inspire passionate children who use reading and writing to learn, lead, and create. Her classroom teaching experiences are in kindergarten and third grade.

Melissa Stewart

Melissa Stewart has written more than 180 science books for children. She co-wrote Perfect Pairs: Using Fiction & Nonfiction Picture Books to Teach Life Science and edited the anthology Nonfiction Writers Dig Deep: 50 Award-winning Authors Share the Secret of Engaging Writing. Her highly-regarded website features a rich array of nonfiction writing resources.

Dorothy Strickland

"As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to read. But I must confess that it was a librarian, not a teacher or even my parents, who was most influential in encouraging my love of books. Her name was Mrs. Luex and she worked in the storefront library branch located in our section of town. Mrs.

Donna Styles

Donna Styles has been a teacher for more than thirty years, from grades K–7, in regular and multi-aged settings, as well as in English and French Immersion.

Susan Vincent

Susan has worked in early literacy for over 30 years. She began as a first grade teacher and then became a reading specialist and literacy coach, working with readers in kindergarten through third grade. She is trained in Reading Recovery, both as a teacher and teacher leader. She is currently a faculty member at Miami University in Ohio.

Lynn Susholtz

Lynn Susholtz has been involved in art and education for the last twenty-five years. She has developed curricula for and taught in private and public schools, community centers, and social service organizations, with people of all ages and backgrounds, throughout the county of San Diego.

Margaret Swain

Margaret's mother warned her that teaching "would be too boring. But with a BA in theater and the desperate teacher shortage of the early 1970s, what else could I do?" she says. "So I got into it and made sure no day was ever boring."

Larry Swartz

Larry Swartz has explored literature-based learning with students and teachers for more than 30 years in North America, England, New Zealand, and China. As a classroom teacher, consultant, and instructor with OISE/University of Toronto, he has inspired colleagues and children alike to learn in new and exciting ways. Larry is a well-known speaker and workshop leader who lives in Toronto.

Diane Sweeney

Diane Sweeney is the author of the bestselling books Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves (Corwin 2016), Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals (Corwin 2011), and Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level (Corwin 2013).

Caroline Sweet

Caroline Sweet is a Bilingual Literacy Coach at LCpl Nicholas S. Perez Elementary School in Austin, Texas. She has been a bilingual educator for 14 years and was named 2011 Teacher of the Year in Austin Independent School District. Caroline first met Jeff when she was a student in his fourth-grade classroom in 1991.

Karen Szymusiak

Karen Szymusiak recently retired as a principal in the Dublin City Schools. As principal, she had the unique opportunity to open a new elementary school in her district. Throughout her career she has also been an elementary teacher and a coordinator of curriculum and instruction, assisting teachers in developing thoughtful and purposeful learning experiences for children. She blogs at Talkworthy (

Judith Tannenbaum

Judith Tannenbaum is a writer and teacher whose work has focused on community arts and issues of cultural democracy. She currently serves as training coordinator for San Francisco's WritersCorps program.

Tara Krueger

Tara has a master of education degree from the University of Minnesota. She began her teaching career as a Title I reading and math interventionist at a K–8 school in Milwaukee. Working with mostly English language learners, Tara was able to utilize her Spanish skills to support student learning and continue to develop her passion for education. Tara continued her career as a multiage first- and second-grade teacher in Muskego-Norway School district before moving to Colorado, where she now serves a diverse student population as a reading teacher, reading intervention program leader, and early literacy staff developer in the city of Denver.

Alfred Tatum

Alfred W. Tatum has recently taken a position at the University of Illinois–Chicago. Previously he was an assistant professor in the Department of Literacy Education at Northern Illinois University.

Denny Taylor

Denny Taylor is an ethnographer and writer who has spent more than twenty years working with families, communities, and schools. Her awards include the Mina P. Shaughnessy Prize from the Modern Language Association of America, the Elva Knight Award from the International Reading Association, and the Richard A.

Christy Hermann Thompson

Christy Thompson is a Literacy Coach in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. She has spent her teaching and coaching career particularly focused on listening to and learning from the talk of our youngest students.

Terry Thompson

Terry likes to help people. That's why he became a teacher, a consultant, and a psychotherapist. "I'm a helper. It's what I do, and it's the core of my personality. It makes sense, then, that I would gravitate toward a career that would allow me to help others.

Mark Thurman

Mark Thurman is best known as a children's author/illustrator.  He has written and illustrated sixteen books and designed and illustrated more than twenty-five books for other authors. As an author/illustrator, Mark has toured Canada extensively, sharing his stories and ideas with children and teacherrs in hundreds of schools.

Tonya B. Perry

Tonya B. Perry is a Professor of Secondary English Education and serves as the Executive Director for GEAR UP Alabama and the Red Mountain Writing Project at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In her roles, she works for equity, focusing on civically and justice-engaged teaching, service, and scholarship.

Cris Tovani

Cris is an internationally known consultant who focuses on issues of disciplinary reading and writing instruction. She was awarded the 2017 Thought Leader Award from the International Literacy Association. Cris has been an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado and the University of Denver. She is the author of five books, most recently Why do I Have to Read This? Cris has taught students from grades 1-12 and continues to study the “knowing-doing gap” by investigating how best practice research can be practically applied to a variety of instructional settings.

Travis Leech

Travis Leech, coauthor of Patterns of Power: Inviting Adolescent Writers into the Conventions of Language, is currently a middle school instructional coach in Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, TX. He has 13 years of experience in education, including teaching middle school English Language Arts and as a gifted and talented specialist. He has presented about engaging literacy practices and technology integration at the district, regional, and state levels. 

Pat Trottier

Pat Trottier, M.Ed., has been actively involved in education in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for more than thirty years. Pat has worked with students in the early, middle, and senior years as a teacher, resource specialist, and administrator.

Robin Turner

Robin was inspired to become a teacher by his eleventh-grade English teacher. "He was genuine, caring, and had a great sense of humor. He was the most real teacher I've ever encountered," Robin recalls. "When I was a senior, he allowed me to be his TA, and that experience taught me a great deal about the craft of teaching."

Angela Chan Turrou

Angela Chan Turrou, a clinical faculty member in the UCLA Teacher Education Program, works to support teachers across their careers to challenge narrow ideas of what it means to do math in school and create meaningful classroom experiences grounded in children’s mathematical thinking.

Lee Ann Tysseling

Lee Ann Tysseling has been a teacher and professor of English language arts and literacy for thirty-eight years. She holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the University of Iowa. The majority of her teaching positions have been in middle and high school.

Dirk Verhulst

Formerly an instructor at the Trent University School of Education and Professional Learning, Dirk is now retired. He spent more than thirty years in education as an English teacher, department head, and consultant. Dirk is also the coauthor of several textbooks on various aspects of literacy.

Una Villiers

As a children's advocate, Una Villiers has taught at the elementary and university levels, and as a curriculum consultant, school administrator, and coordinator of Kindergarden and Primary Education for the City of Toronto. The author of several books and teacher resources, she has worked on creating and implementing some ground-breaking curriculum documents on innovative approaches to working with young children.

Patty Vitale-Reilly

Patty Vitale-Reilly’s career in education spans 30 years and varies from being a teacher, staff developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, author, and founder of a literacy consulting group, to her current roles as consultant, author, and speaker. Patty is the coauthor of The Complete Year in Reading and Writing Grade 2 (Scholastic 2008), and the author of Engaging Every Learner (Heinemann, 2015) and Supporting Struggling Learners (Heinemann 2017).

Jim Vopat

Jim's been teaching teachers in unusual settings for thirty years. As founding director of the Milwaukee Writing Project, he works directly with teachers and schools. Through the Parent Project, he directs parent-teacher leadership projects in Milwaukee and Chicago.

Janiel Wagstaff

Janiel Wagstaff is a popular national literacy consultant and full-time literacy coach at a K-6 Title I school in Utah. She has nearly thirty years of classroom experience. Over the years, she’s written fourteen books on literacy instruction centered around her everyday work helping students become proficient, motivated, and joyful readers, writers, and thinkers.

Catherine Walker

Catherine was born in Nova Scotia and has a bachelor's degree in special education from Acadia University and a master's degree in educational leadership from the University of Oregon.

Maria Walther

Teacher, author, literacy consultant, and children’s literature enthusiast, Maria Walther taught first grade for 34 years. She partners with teachers across the country to bring joy to their literacy instruction. The ideas she shares reflect her commitment to teaching, researching, writing, and collaborating with her colleagues.

Mark Weakland

Mark Weakland is a literacy consultant and coach, author, and musician. With more than 20 years in public education, his work with struggling learners and students with disabilities has taught him that all children can learn a great deal, and this makes him passionate about best practice literacy instruction. In 2014 Mark founded Mark Weakland Literacy. Through his business, Mark presents nationally, works regionally with school districts to strengthen their literacy programs, and regularly teaches in elementary and middle school classrooms. His model lessons focus on writing instruction, reading strategies and routines, and effective instructional techniques that engage all learners.

Kassia Omohundro Wedekind

Kassia Omohundro Wedekind spent many wonderful years as a classroom teacher and math coach in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia and now splits her time between being an independent math coach and an editor at Stenhouse Publishers. Her favorite days are spent in classrooms learning from the many ways children talk, listen and negotiate meaning together.

Jan Wells

Jan retired in 2004, after teaching for twelve years in the UK, six years in Ontario, and fourteen years in British Columbia. When she is not tending her garden or running her bed & breakfast, she conducts workshops and devotes her time to writing.

Wendy Saul

Wendy Saul, formerly the Allen B. and Helen S.

Wendy Saul

Wendy Saul, formerly the Allen B. and Helen S. Shopmaker Chair of Education and International Studies at the University of Missouri-St Louis – is now retired but still spends countless hours thinking with her former students and colleagues about generalist literacy; connections between science, reading and writing; and active learning and critical thinking in under-resourced settings, both here and abroad.

Lucy West

Lucy West has worked in education for more than thirty years, starting as a second-grade teacher in New York City, then serving as the director of mathematics for District 2, the deputy superintendent of Region 9, and assistant principal of PS 234. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of Metamorphosis Teaching and Learning Communities, which is dedicated to partnering with districts to design and enact effective professional learning initiatives that result in increased student learning through improved instruction. Lucy is also the coauthor of Agents of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching and Learning and Content-Focused Coaching: Transforming Mathematics Lessons.

Suzanne Whaley

Suzanne Whaley is a National Board certified teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, where she was a classroom teacher and literacy specialist for twenty-two years before working in the central office. She currently leads the literacy professional development for reading specialists, principals, school teams, and teachers in her district.

Gail Whang

Gail Whang, a third-generation Korean American, has extensive teaching experience in multilingual and multiethnic elementary schools. She is a teacher-researcher who is currently the conflict-resolution program facilitator for the Oakland Unified School District.

Kathryn Whitmore

Kathryn F. Whitmore (Ph.D. University of Arizona) and her coauthor, Caryl G. Crowell (M.Ed. University of Arizona) have many characteristics in common. They are both working mothers and whole language teacher-researchers who work to challenge the status quo in educational institutions.

Maryann Wickett

"I became a teacher because children fascinate me. To have the privilege and challenge of working with children as a career is the best," says Maryann.

Monique D. Wild

Monique Wild, a seventeen-year veteran of teaching, is a National Board Certified Teacher and is currently a master teacher in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, where she coordinates professional development for teachers at Donaldsonville High School.

Jeni Wilson

Jeni Wilson lectures at the University of Melbourne's Institute of Education in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. She has a special interest in children's thinking and in assessment.

Jake Wizner

Jake Wizner teaches eighth grade English and social studies at the Salk School of Science in New York City. He is the author of the young adult novels Spanking Shakespeare (Random House, 2007) and Castration Celebration (Random House, 2009) and has spent the past two decades developing and inspiring young writers.

Steven Wolk

As a kid growing up in suburban Chicago, Steven Wolk loved the Cubs and hated to read. When he graduated from high school, he could count all of the novels he had read on one finger. Really, one finger.

Rick Wormeli

One of the first National Board-Certified teachers in America, Rick brings innovation and energy to his writing and instructional practices. He has spent the past 38 years teaching math, science, English, physical education, health, and history, as well as coaching teachers and principals. Rick’s work has been reported in numerous media outlets, including “Good Morning America” and National Geographic magazine. He is a columnist for AMLE Magazine, a contributor to ASCD’s Educational Leadership, and has presented in all fifty states and around the world.

Bob Wortman

"I have always wanted to teach. Originally I was going to teach high school social studies, but was talked into elementary education by a friend. Then I was going to teach fifth or sixth grade, but a professor talked me into doing teaching with a fantastic second-grade teacher. It was great."

Kim Yaris

Kim Yaris has been working in education for over 27 years.

Kari Yates

Kari Yates is an author, speaker, consultant and staff developer with a passion for helping busy literacy educators thrive. Her experiences include classroom teacher, special education, Reading Recovery teacher, elementary principal and district literacy coordinator.

Amanda Yuill

Based in Toronto, Amanda Yuill's extensive experience includes teaching in public and private schools in Canada and Japan. A teacher of primary grades, music, physical education, dance, drama, and English as a Second Language, she is passionate about substitute teaching as a way to explore all aspects of education.

Tracy Johnston Zager

Tracy has worked in many schools over the course of her career, first as a fourth-grade teacher, then as a supervisor of preservice teachers and their inservice mentors, and currently as a math coach. Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had grew out of Tracy’s work in classrooms, where she’s most in her element, learning together with teachers and students over time.

Jennifer Donohue Zakkai

Jennifer Donohue Zakkai has served as an artist educator for the Galef Institute, conducting professional development dance workshops for teachers across the country and working as a field coach.

Victor Zelinski

As a curriculum supervisor for the Calgary Catholic School District, Victor Zelinski has collaborated on many projects with co-authors Graham Foster, Evelyn Sawicki, and Hyacinth Schaeffer.  Creating sound research-based instruction that is practical and accessible to classroom teachers has been a common theme in their work.  Zelinski has extens

Steven Zemelman

Steve Zemelman is a founder of the Illinois Writing Project. He’s helped start innovative small schools in Chicago and promotes student civic engagement there. His most recent book is From Inquiry to Action: Civic Engagement with Project-Based Learning in All Content Areas. He has two sons and one brilliant eight-year-old grandson.

Cheryl Zimmerman

Cheryl began her teaching career at the age of seven in the basement of her childhood home. "I did a fantastic job of educating the baby dolls seated quietly on the couch. I've always loved kids and that love of kids propelled me into a teaching career," she says.

Sandi Zwaan

Sandi can't remember why she became a teacher, but she thinks it was "just what I was born to do. I love the excitement of realizing a student actually 'got it' and learned a new skill that will make a difference for him in life as well as in school."

Dr. Jeff Zwiers

Jeff Zwiers, Ed.D., is a senior researcher at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He has taught in diverse elementary and secondary schools and has worked as an instructional coach in urban school settings. His current research and professional development work consist of collaborating with teachers to learn what works best in real classrooms to help students learn through rich interactions and conversations.