Author-Driven In-School Professional Development Program

A little bit of number sense every day goes a long way.

Number sense routines help students build their understanding of place value, visualization, estimating, composing and decomposing numbers, part/whole relationships, and operations. These quick routines provide daily experiences to develop students’ application of number sense in a variety of situations and contexts.


A Professional Development Approach Planned and Developed by Jessica Shumway

Based on the principles of Jessica Shumway’s Number Sense Routines professional books for Grades K-3 and 3-5, and delivered by education consultants specifically trained by the author, the Number Sense Routines Professional Development guides teachers as they build a community of practice to improve students’ number sense learning through quick, 5-15-minute math discussions every day. Number Sense Routines fit within any curriculum, enhance any core instruction, and meet key standards for mathematics.


Program Overview

OUTCOMES – Teachers will be able to:

  • Use number sense routines consistently and frequently
  • Lead mathematical conversations with confidence
  • Plan number sense routines in response to students’ learning needs
  • Understand and apply deeper content knowledge for mathematics teaching

COMPONENTS – Up to thirty teachers will receive:

  • Two day-long on-site visits
  • Four live ninety-minute video conferences
  • Number Sense Routines book with corresponding book study guides
  • One-year license to Jessica Shumway’s video, Go Figure!: Number Sense Routines That Build Mathematical Understanding


Grounded in Research

Number Sense Routines Professional Development Support Key Research Principles

  • Number sense is a powerful predictor of later mathematical outcomes (Jordan et al., 2009; Jordan et al., 2010).
  • A community of practice developed through teacher collaboration and school leadership support leads to sustained and expanded implementation over time. (McLaughlin, Milbrey, & Talbert, 2006).
  • Initial intensive workshops followed by classroom application and additional coaching


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