Staff List



Dan Tobin,


Managing Editor for Literacy: Bill Varner,

Managing Editor for Math and Science: Toby Gordon,

Acquisitions and Development Editor: Maureen Barbieri,

Acquisitions and Development Editor: Tori Bachman,

Consulting Editor: Terry Thompson,

Math & Science Editor: Tracy Zager,


Marketing Director: Chuck Lerch,

Marketing Content Editor: Zsofia McMullin,

Author & Events Coordinator: Chandra Lowe,

Marketing Project Specialist: Jacqueline Carr,


Operations/Customer Service Manager: Elaine Cyr,

Accounts Receivable Associate: Lise Wood,

Customer Service Associate: Pam King,


Senior Production Manager: Jay Kilburn,

Video Editor: Nate Butler,

Senior Editorial Production Manager: Chris Downey,

Senior Editorial Production Manager: Stephanie Levy,

Production Editor: Louisa Irele,

Production Assistant: Grace Makley,


Sales Director: Drew Yemm,

Professional Development Specialist: Kelly Ernest,

Sales Coordinator: Brittany Cook,


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