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A Day of Words (DVD)

In A Day of Words, fifth-grade teacher Max Brand demonstrates how he helps students search for, study, and celebrate words. Taped over the course of one day, we see distinct word instruction segments that Max has planned, along with many spontaneous teaching moments that occur for word work. Students learn more than just spelling skills or vocabulary knowledge; they become more naturally accomplished in their understanding and use of words in all contexts.

ISBN 978-157110-417-8
Price $195.00

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Focus on Spelling (DVD)

Using the key principals set forth in Spelling K–8, this four-tape set will help you instill purposeful, smart spelling instruction across your K–8 classrooms. Diane Snowball shows how to make instruction efficient and developmentally appropriate, then you will see the concepts put to work in three urban classrooms.

ISBN 978-157110-488-5
Price $395.00

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Spelling K-8

Spelling K–8 meets the needs of schools and districts that want to put systematic teaching in place without compromising the principles of constructivist learning. Children are actively engaged in spelling explorations, being guided by their teachers, forming generalizations that reflect their current understanding about how written English works. Suggestions are also offered for children whose first language is not English. This book addresses the issues that administrators and parents are concerned about—especially phonics and high frequency words—and offers teachers a wealth of strategies and resources to draw on.

ISBN 978-157110-074-0
Price $24.50

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The Spelling Teacher's Book of Lists

This revised collection focuses on patterns and facts that teachers can use to help students become better spellers. The book includes additions to previous lists plus new lists that deal with various aspects of etymology. Photos of words-in-action have been added to illustrate how language works and lives in the real world.

ISBN 978-157110-390-1
Price $21.00

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The Spelling Teacher's Handbook

ISBN 978-155138-138-1
Price $18.00

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When Spelling Matters

Spelling is not a low-level rote memory activity but a high-level cognitive skill. When Spelling Matters argues that children learn to spell by investigating how words work and recognizing the unique structure and patterns of words.

ISBN 978-155138-277-7
Price $22.00

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Word Savvy

Tired of assigning weekly spelling lists that your students memorize for the test only to have them misspell the words in their daily writing? Then join Max Brand in his fifth-grade classroom where word learning is integrated fully into literacy workshops.

ISBN 978-157110-366-6
Price $24.50

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