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March 9, 2004


1) Learning strategies for students & teachers
2) PD Corner: Collaborating with colleagues
3) Slate diaries of a 6th grade teacher
4) Praise for MAKING THE MATCH

1) Learning strategies for students & teachers
Joe Landsberger's Study Guides and Strategies Web site has dozens 
of short, engaging guides on a wide range of topics such as 
managing stress, avoiding procrastination, tutoring, and 
preparing for tests. Useful for the middle grades through 
college, the site is easy to navigate and may be freely copied 
for educational purposes:

And here are two practical study skills resources from Pembroke 
Publishers, available in the U.S. from Stenhouse:

Student Activities for Developing Work, Study, and Exam-Writing 
Mike Coles, Chas White, and Pip Brown
2003 * 128 pp/paper * $18.00
Focuses on seven major factors that are essential for effective 
student learning and success in grades 4-12.

Get Organized, Manage Your Time, and Conquer Exam Anxiety!
Frank McGinty * 128 pp/paper * $15.00
An easy-to-read guide for students that will help them master the 
study skills they need in grades 6-12. Review the entire text of 
this book on-line for a limited time:

2) PD Corner: Collaborating with colleagues
*March Quote of the Month* 

"Don't impale yourself on the appeal that 'all teachers are 
teachers of reading and writing.' They are not. Content-area 
teachers use reading and writing as tools and in ways peculiar to 
their subject matter. Their goals are content achievement and 
student success. We attack their identity and value when we tell 
them who we think they should be. They know who they are."
--Harry Stein, from the November 2002 issue of Educational 
Leadership (ASCD)
In "Opening the Doors of Your Practice," NSDC's Joan Richardson 
argues that many teachers have a wealth of knowledge and 
experience to share with colleagues. But there need to be more 
opportunities for teachers to learn from each other in schools. 
This brief article is the perfect length for reading and 
discussion at a faculty meeting:
Opening the Doors of Your Practice

Cris Tovani's new video series COMPREHENDING CONTENT demonstrates 
one model for collaborating with colleagues around literacy 
issues. In Tape 3: Reading Like a Mathematician, she and math 
teacher Jim Donohue work together with a class of struggling 
readers to demonstrate the unusual literacy demands of math 
problems on standardized tests. The tape includes teacher 
modeling, individual conferences with students in a high school 
classroom, and Cris and Jim discussing their collaboration. Get 
more details on this 4-part video series, including the free 
Viewing Guide:
(Click the "Viewing Guide" link at the beginning of the product 

3) Slate diaries of a 6th grade teacher
At 2:40, after I dismiss my class for the day, I join my fellow 
teachers in the library for our weekly "Professional Development" 
workshop...afterward, during a Q & A session, a young math 
teacher asks, "I have students who can't write. How can I be 
expected to do a writing project with them?" My principal, a true 
Board of Ed. veteran, tells him, "Look, if they could read, write 
and do math, what would they need us for? That's our job, to 
teach them."

Slate's week-long journal recently featured Tom Moore, a sixth 
grade teacher in the South Bronx. It's a wonderful snapshot of 
the ups and downs of teaching, complete with photos of "The 
school" and "My lunch":

4) Praise for MAKING THE MATCH
"Lesesne not only informs but also inspires educators to rise to 
the challenge that Kylene Beers, a colleague of Lesesne, presents 
in the foreword--to acknowledge that 'a dislike of reading is an 
acquired taste' and to undo the cycle that creates an aversion or 
an apathy in students toward reading books as they progress 
through their education."

Read the rest of this review of Teri Lesesne's MAKING THE MATCH 
in the Teachers College Record e-journal, and explore the 
extensive array of articles and book reviews on this site:

For more details on the book:

MAKING THE MATCH: The Right Book for the Right Reader at the 
Right Time, Grades 4-12
Teri Lesesne * 248 pp/paper * $21.00

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