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Setting the Standard for Collaborative Teaching, Grades 5-9

Monique Wild, Amanda Mayeaux, Kathryn Edmonds

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In an age of accountability, these teachers embrace the constant changes and respond with innovation. They work together to plan interdisciplinary units that are motivating to young adolescents but still tied to state standards. Never once do they use the challenge of standards to settle for mediocre lessons. This is an important life lesson for all middle-level educators.

- Jack Berckemeyer (from the Foreword)


Foreword by Jack Berckemeyer

Product Details

  • Author: Monique Wild, Amanda Mayeaux, Kathryn Edmonds
  • ISBN: 978-157110-711-4
  • Year:2008
  • Media: 192 pp/paper
  • Grade Range: 5-9
  • Item No: WEB-0711

In 2006 three middle school teachers from Louisiana became the first team to win the national "Teacher of the Year" prize at the annual Disney Teacher Awards. Now, through their new book, Monique Wild, Amanda Mayeaux, and Kathryn Edmonds are ready to share their successful approach with others.

TeamWork: Setting the Standard for Collaborative Teaching, Grades 59 is full of captivating stories and insightful conversations. "The teamers" provide an honest and richly detailed explanation of collaborative teaching in action. They deliver the straight scoop on teaming, offering insights on these and other key topics:

  • how to shape a shared purpose for learning by mining the talents of students and colleagues;
  • how to build strong partnerships with parents, principals, and other key people who influence the lives of young adolescents;
  • how to deepen curriculum integration by "cutting the fluff."

This insider's guide to teaming reveals the conversations, the conflicts, and the collegial sharing that enables teachers to collaborate so that every member of the team can meet the highest standards of professional practice. For new teachers and seasoned veterans alike, TeamWork provides a powerful foundation for achievement.

Table of Contents

Corrected page: In the first printing of this book, the wrong figure appears on page 105. This printable PDF contains the corrected version of the page. We apologize for any inconvenience; the error will be corrected on the next printing.

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Part I: Strong Relationships
Chapter 1: Learning to Work with Colleagues

Chapter 2: Show Them How Much You Care
Chapter 3: Let's Get Acquainted
Chapter 4: Creating a Culture of Achievement
Part II: Connected Content
Chapter 5: Cutting the Fluff
Chapter 6: Unifying the Curriculum
Chapter 7: "Everything Is Related"
Part III: Reflective Teaching
Chapter 8: Looking in the Mirror
Chapter 9: Catch Them Before They Fall
Chapter 10: Final Thoughts

About the Authors

Kathryn Pilcher Edmonds
Kathryn became a teacher because when she was a child, she moved around a lot with her family, and her teachers at new schools always helped with the transition. "My teachers were usually the first smiling faces I met." >more

Amanda S. Mayeaux
Amanda Mayeaux is a teacher to the core. "When I interact with students and see their excitement about learning, I can't imagine doing anything else," she says. >more

Monique D. Wild
Monique Wild, a seventeen-year veteran of teaching, is a National Board Certified Teacher and is currently a master teacher in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, where she coordinates professional development for teachers at Donaldsonville High School. >more



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