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Team Teaching

Northern Nevada Writing Project

This book discusses the social and personal aspects of teaming, illuminating the process with first-person vignettes taken from the journals that classroom teachers kept to record their experiences. Discussed are such issues as differences between teaming in elementary, middle and secondary schools; getting started; upsides and downsides; administrative and parental perspectives; and more.


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  • Author: Northern Nevada Writing Project
  • ISBN: 978-157110-040-7
  • Year:1996
  • Media: 120 pp/paper
  • Grade Range: K-12
  • Item No: WEB-0040

Team teaching is a strategy that has been around for years, but creating teams-whether in response to district expectations or as a way of dealing with changes in teaching practice-needs careful thought in order to succeed. While teaming means the partners must reconfigure much of their teaching lives, it can be done successfully, as this book affirms. Chock-full of ideas and insights, Team Teachingdiscusses the social and personal implications of teaming, illuminating the process with first-person vignettes taken from the journals classroom teachers kept to record their experiences.

Based on their own stories and those of their colleagues/informants the authors discuss:

how and why team teaching succeeds and how elementary school teams differ from teams in middle and secondary schools;
how to get started- defining partners' roles, achieving consistency, sharing space and materials, adjusting schedules, and adapting curriculum;
the upside - what team teaching can do for you, your colleagues, your students, your school;
and the downside -what to do when a team doesn't succeed;
the bigger picture- how principals see team teaching and how students and parents respond to it.

Appendixes include:

a checklist of team teacher issues;
a parent survey on teaming;
materials for questions and discussion groups about team teaching.

Whether you have been part of a team for years, are just starting, or are an administrator who wants to know more about teaming from the inside you will learn a great deal from the insights of this group of Nevada teacher-researchers.

Table of Contents

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1. Team Teaching Configurations
2. Beginnings
3. When the Door Closes: Getting Started
4. Changing, Growing, Becoming
5. Endings
6. The Downside of Team Teaching
7. The Upside of Team Teaching
8. How Principals See Team Teaching
9. Through Students' and Parents' Eyes
Appendix A The Story of Our Study / Appendix B Checklist of Team Teacher Issues / Appendix C Parent Survey on Team Teaching / Appendix D A Question Posed to a Team Teacher
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