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Day One and Beyond

Practical Matters for New Middle-Level Teachers

Rick Wormeli

For new teachers it is often the practical details rather than the weighty issues of instructional theory that can make day-to-day survival a challenge. For those just entering the middle school environment, Meet Me in the Middle author Rick Wormeli provides an invaluable collection of tips along with humorous insights into the nature of middle-level schools and students that will help you walk in the door prepared to teach.


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  • Author: Rick Wormeli
  • ISBN: 978-157110-355-0
  • Year:2003
  • Media: 208 pp/paper
  • Grade Range: 5-9
  • Item No: WEB-0355

Your teacher training may have provided sound theory and a collection of instructional techniques, but it's often the practical details that can make day-to-day survival difficult in your first days, weeks, and years of teaching. For new teachers or those just new to the middle-school environment, here is an invaluable resource from the author of Meet Me in the Middle that will help you walk in the door prepared to teach. Oriented toward the unique experience of teaching grades 5 through 9, Day One and Beyond delivers proven best practices along with often-humorous observations that provide a window into the middle school environment.

Based on his many years of research and experience in the middle school classroom, Rick offers frontline advice on:

  • practical survival matters, such as what to do the first day and week, setting up the grade book and other record keeping, and what to do if you only have one computer in the classroom;
  • classroom management, including discipline, getting students' attention, and roving classrooms;
  • social issues, like the unique nature of middle-level students, relating to students, and positive relations with parents;
  • professional concerns, from collegiality with teammates to professional resources all middle-level teachers should have.

Content and instruction are important, but so are the practical matters that enable sound teaching practice. Day One and Beyond shows middle-level teachers how to manage the physical and emotional aspects of their unique environment so they can do what they've been trained to do: successfully teach young adolescents.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: You Mean I Get to Do This Every Day?
1. The Unique Nature of Middle School Teaching
2. What to Do on the First Day and in the First Week
3. Discipline
4. The Physical Classroom
5. Grade Books, Tardies, Absences, and Other Record Keeping
6. Grouping
7. Teaming
8. Dealing with Homework
9. Parents
10. Substitute-Teacher Plans
11. Our Own Professional Development
12. Relating to Students
Appendix A: Sample Quarterly Newsletter, Rubrics, and Choices for the Historical Novel Unit
Appendix B: Recommended Resources

About the Author

Rick Wormeli
Rick Wormeli is a National Board Certified Teacher and a columnist for Middle Ground magazine. The winner of Disney's American Teacher Award for English in 1996, Rick is an internationally known speaker on middle-level education, innovation... >more



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