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"I would be careful about spending money on a one-day workshop that follows the format of a 'talking head. It might be better to ask your principal to spend the money on a set of books or a video series that will enhance learning for everyone in the building.
-- Rex Jones, principal in Fairfield, Conn.

Few PD investments offer more flexibility and long-term value than videos provided they are well-produced, authentic, and high-quality. Stenhouse DVDs give you the opportunity to see our authors in action in the classrooms and in coaching sessions with teachers, as well as reflecting on the teaching and learning in interview segments.

While the sound quality and production values may suggest otherwise, all of the videos were filmed in real classrooms around the country, capturing all of the energy, messiness, and spontaneity of student learning in progress. Many schools and districts have created libraries of Stenhouse videos that allow teachers to view the videos on their own and staff developers to choose clips to feature in PD workshops.

Each video comes packaged with an extensive viewing guide developed by the author, which includes segment summaries, discussion questions, extensions, background information, and suggested activities. Most of the videos can be paired with specific books by the same author to create an ideal focus for teacher study groups. For suggestions on building PD programs around our books and DVDs, visit our PD Services section.

Transcripts of all videos produced by Stenhouse Publishers are available via email to customers who have purchased videos. Email your request to Customer Service ( including the customer name, title of the program, reason for the request and the email address where the transcript should be sent. Please allow 5 work days for delivery.

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